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  1. Alarm and immobiliser

    Just a question for any of you that can point me in the right direction, I have a T4 and when I bought it years ago it already had an alarm and immobiliser fitted, how to I get rid of it? Can I just cut the power to the alarm? I don’t know what manufacturer it is and what or where the whole...
  2. Kill switch removal

    Hi, new to this (in fact any) forum so please excuse me if I am going about this wrong, my dad just brought a T4, 2.4lt, W reg (2000), someone has hacked about at the electrics (honestly, there was wires jammed in the front of the fuse panel), and added a kill switch, enter my father, who on...
  3. Converting a T5 to electric

    General T5 Chat
    Hi everyone, As the world will be moving over to non-fossil fuel vehicles within the next few decades, I wondered if anyone knew about possibilities for retrofitting electric motors into a T5. I read an article a while ago about a guy fitting Tesla motors in performance sports cars, so wondered...
  4. Electric Windows fix: Both sides inoperative

    I wrote this elsewhere, but as it was buried under a lot of other posts, I thought I'd create it's own thread and title for ease of finding for others. Symptoms: Complete failure of both sides. Feels like a no power thing. Nothing working on drivers side Switch for either window, and nothing...
  5. T4 Caravelle dash computer issue

    My T4 Caravelle 2001 dashboard computer has started doing this, any ideas or pointers please? Sometimes it is fine, but more often than not it is like this lately. It did seem when I used handbrake it would flicker...
  6. vw transporter T5 electric adjustment

    General T5 Technical
    Hi guys, Do any of you know where the electric headlight adjuster is on a T5 ? ( although facelifted to a T5.1 and therefore T5.1 headlights with H4 bulbs ) mine were connected and working perfectly. A garage swapped my halogens out for LED headlight bulbs and now when i try to adjust the...
  7. LED headlights not working

    Bought a T4 with LED headlights already installed and since buying it the lights will only work as sidelights or full beams - the low beam setting doesn't go on at all. Anyone got any advice on what to look at first or where to go for some guidance? Any help much appreciated!
  8. One touch electric windows now not one touch

    I've got a 2015 T5 campervan conversion, and just had a 2nd leisure battery fitted, which necessitated diconnecting all the electrics for a while. Now that everything is back connected, the one touch operation of the electric windows has stopped. To raise or lower both windows I have to hold...
  9. Electric window 1/2 working. Have to press button ALOT

    The passenger window goes up and down BUT you have to press the button repeatedly: - If you press the button/switch it moves about 1cm and stops, so you have to press it about 50 times to get the window down or up. (This is the same when you press & release, or press & hold) - Also, you have...
  10. 1.9TD - Controller 137 Blown - Cause or effect?

    Engine & Gearbox
    Hi All Just had some fun when my T4 lost all power at 60mph on the M11 :-/. RAC looked at it and established that there was no power on the fuel shut-off - hence the instant loss of power. There is no immobiliser - I took that off when it failed a few years ago and hard-wired the shut-off...
  11. electrical gremlins

    proud owner of 2004 t5 shuttle in the best colour red (conversion to follow):D passenger electric window not working. passenger mirror not working. didn't tell him about this.forgot .. took to auto electrician,,he said passenger window motor gone. took apart tested motor working from 12v direct...
  12. Windscreen wiper and heater Not working

    Welcome to The VW T4 Forums
    HELP ME PLEASE The Windscreen wipers and and the heater doesn't work unless you manually operate the relay. I have changed the relay, the stalk and nothing works. I also have a problem with the glow plug relay losing its earth. I think these could be connected but not sure. Please Help.
  13. rear fog light

    Hi, I am thinking about exporting my van and taking it with me to Holland, a couple of the conditions being that A. I swap the headlights over and B. The foglight needs to be on the otherside. The headlight issue is fine but was wondering the best/easiest/cheapest way to switch the rear fog...
  14. 12V Electric cab heater for heat bursts, is it possible?

    I am trying to see if I can get away with electric heating, not for overnight use but when heat bursts are needed (coming back from the surf, before going to sleep, before getting up etc.) Right now I just rev my engine to get the coolant up to temp and than blow 15 minutes from the cab fans...
  15. T5 Electric heated and adjustable / manual folding Driver's side wing mirror

    Parts For Sale
    I have a drivers side T5 wing mirror in silver for sale. It's a manual folder and electric adjustable/heated. Now for the bad parts: It has a few scratches on the painted part. There's some sort of corrosion on the edge of the mirror. There's a small plastic part on the electric adjuster...
  16. No power to electric wing mirrors

    Hi I need some help looking for a fuse for the electric wing mirrors on my van. It's a 1996 Caravelle. I replaced a wing mirror and tested it, all worked fine. Then after reconnecting the cables again and the door card it stopped working along with the other wing mirror. Is there anything...
  17. Cable type

    Am going to be putting a few CBE 12v cig lighter type sockets in the van - to be used for cooler, charging mobile and tv etc. There'll be a feed for the aerial booster. Will be a couple of switches going in too - isolate water pump and a couple of led lights. All will be run off a fuse box...
  18. Electric hook up location

    Hi out there, I'm in the early stages of my T5 LWB conversion. When planning the 240 electric hook up, whereabouts does the cable usually enter the van? Via back doors, tailgate, hole drilled through bottom of van, drivers door seal?? Please advise
  19. Pair of front captain seats from Chrysoprase Voyager

    Parts For Sale
    I have a pair of Chrysler Voyager captain seats, in suede and leather light Brown in colour. They come complete with professionally CNC cut mounting Plates. They bolt straight in with these plates, the passenger seat also has a storage drawer Under it. Drivers side is electric and works...
  20. RM 212 fridge facelift

    When I bought a rusty battered RM 212 Electrolux fridge my other half gave me a look like I was stark raving mad, she'd always wanted a posh fridge, but with a little tlc etc. and the wave of my magic spray can and hey presto, just got to go to maplin's now and pick up some new knobs and add the...