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  1. Van wont run... not sure what to do.

    Hey guys, I was after some advice. I have a VW T4 from 1998. When I bought it the previous owner replaced the 1.9 engine with a 1.9tdi engine from a Seat Toledo. The wiring loom has so many spliced wires and they change colours and recently the van just wont run. It seems immobiliser...
  2. HOW TO: 1.8t 20vT T4 Conversion

    Technical Articles
    This guide is intended to cover most of the pain points when fitting a 1.8 20vT into a VW T4, this is as comprehensive as possible, but I’m sure there are pain points that I’ve forgotten about. Credit to Noo Noo, Erinyes, Paul for all their help when I was doing my conversion, Bud the Spud for...
  3. 2.5 lwb auto petrol to 1z 1.9tdi

    Engine & Gearbox
    Hi, got chance of a buying a 1996 2.5 auto (4speed) petrol lwb t4 (also got eye on 2000 2.5 manual petrol lwb) and have a 96 mk3 golf 1.9tdi donor car. I know prob need new gearbox to replace the auto gearbox - but any majour probs and will a gearbox from any t4 1.9d or td do. Have been told by...
  4. 3.7 litre V8 Van - Hero or Zero?

    Customising / Modding
    Just after an opinion here... I'm sure there are lots of purists in the world of T4, and probably an equal number of power hungry dubbers. I can't decide which side of the fence to sit on. I currently own my second 1.9 TD which I believe has 67bhp with 140nm of torque. Now, I do know there are...
  5. 2.5 AJT to 2.5 ACV conversion

    Engine & Gearbox
    My T4 2.5 tdi 2003 AJT engine has blown up and I want to fit a 2.5 ACV engine in its place. Does anyone know if i can use my old gear box and if il have to change the ecu or re map mine. The new ACV engine comes with its ECU and immobiliser chip. Please Help!
  6. One for the TDi electrical experts.

    Engine & Gearbox
    I have finally got the conversion up & running to a point where I am very happy with the performance, but I'm still left with a couple of niggly little faults. The first is probably simple & just needs me to spend some time tracing wires & playing with the fluke, but the temp gauge doesn't work...
  7. How do I upgrade a 1992 1.9D non turbo engine?

    Engine & Gearbox
    Dear T4 Forum It's got a T4 with a non turbo 1.9d engine in it.... 140K miles. IT IS VERY SLOW> I love the van, but want to ugrade the engine, either put another engine in (2.5tdi, 1.9tdi etc) or upgrade the existing engine (add a turbo?? is this possible?) What do other forum members...
  8. 1.9d T4 camper...TOO SLOW, PLEASE HELP!

    Engine & Gearbox
    Dear All at T4 Forum I've got a 1991/2 (J reg) Autohomes T4 camper. (Will dig out a photo to post) It's got a non turbo 1.9d engine in it.... 140K miles. And Lord is it slow. I love the van, but want to ugrade the engine, either put another engine in (2.5tdi, 1.9tdi etc) or upgrade the...
  9. T5 Pick up/Docka.....is it a 4motion???

    General T5 Technical
    Anyone know if the T5 Pick up/Docka is a 4motion, or if it’s available in 4motion?? I'm looking at doing a custom job and engine transplant, so any info will be much appreciated!
  10. t4 1.9tdi conversion

    New T4 Members Forum
    This is my first posting on the forum but have been a member for a while i am doing conversion from 1.9td to 1.9tdi on my t4 the donor vehicle was a passat early model manual speedo no immobiliser. i have removed engine and wiring loom and am about to start the conversion but am a bit worried...
  11. Engine Conversion help

    Engine & Gearbox
    Hi Guys, I've got a 1998 2.4D which needs a new engine. :((It's an AJA) Can anyone give me a idea of what engine would be an easy conversion? ie. what engine will take my ancillaries, rad, exhaust, loom, clocks etc?:confused: I'd like a 2.5tdi but dont know how much would be involved. Any...
  12. Blown up 2.4 T4. What engine can I put in?

    Engine & Gearbox
    My T4 died the other day and I was hoping to put an engine in with a bit more grunt. Has anybody done a transplant for one of these beasts and what kind of options do I have in regards to engine size or type? I'm guessing even sticking a 1.9tdi in even is gonna be a pain in the plums! Any help...