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  1. Colour-coded ex-AA Handiwash

    Parts For Sale
    Hi all I have for sale an Eberspacher Handiwash unit out of my ex-AA T4. As you can see, a couple of years ago, I painstakingly dismantled it to spray paint it to better match the colours in my van. The first 2 pictures (taken with a better camera) are the best representation of the colours and...
  2. Mechanic to help with ex AA immobiliser woe

    Does anyone know of a sussex/kent/surrey/se london based mechanic who is experienced in by-passing AA installed immobilisers?
  3. Ex AA T4 Alternator keeps blowing

    Hi - over the past 14 months i've gone thru 4 alternators!. It lasted perfectly well with the original for the 5 previous years. Then a series of problems. twice the garage honoured the warranty and replaced for free - that still leaves me having bought 2 in a year or so. Even tried buying a new...
  4. My Ex-AA to Day Van Conversion

    SWB Garage (All Versions)
    As I was going through sorting out pictures that got deleted the other week, it occurred to me that I haven't done a thread showing what I've done to the van. Seeing as I have actually finally done something of worth as well, I thought now was the time! So here's what we started with in January...
  5. Insulating and soundproofing the back

    After a nearly a year of thinking about it I have finally started to insulate and soundproof the back of my Ex-AA T5 in preparation for carpeting. My kit arrived last week from the very helpful Steve at West country Campervans (here's the Ebay Auction ) I didn't order using ebay though , I was...
  6. ex-AA T4 rear double seat

    Parts For Sale
    Kombi rear double seat from 2002 T4 in fair condition. Both headrests present, but arm rest missing. Lap belt, 3-point belt (fair condition but no bolts or backing plates) and the mushroom bolts included (provided I can get the bolts out of the van!). I have seen these on eBay for between £50...
  7. Glovebox needed for 2001 2.5tdi ex-aa

    Hoping to replace the massacred glovebox on my ex-aa van - anybody got one lurking?
  8. The Lincoln Ginger T4

    T Spotting
    Just seen your van parked on some stupidly steep hill. Ive just moved in round the corner, near the old bike showroom. Lol my muliti coloured AA van is parked opposite the hill.
  9. New member in Oxford

    Welcome to The VW T4 Forums
    Hi all Just joined up, just got my van, an ex-AA 2001 2.5tdi. Already found this place to be full of some v useful advice and have already avoided some silly questions as a result of using the FAQs! Looking to get the van resprayed and relined, probably keeping the layout as is, so any...
  10. Ex-AA van, moving rear seats to nearside

    Sorry if this is a repeat of any previous thread, I had a good look and couldn't find one. I was wondering - has anyone tried moving their ex-AA rear twin seat to the nearside of the van? If I did this I could use the Styleline kit to make a kids bed and leave space on the offside for furniture...
  11. Amos' Interior Conversion COMPLETE! Yes! Stoked!

    General T4 Chat
    100% done! Ready to camp in, live in, entertain guests in etc! Special thanks goes to Chris from http://www.rocksalmonvans.co.uk who helped me get the rear space from a dirty, stripped down ex-AA van to what is now a 100% complete and livable interior! And if i do say so...
  12. Ex-AA Handiwash for sale.

    Parts For Sale
    Evening all. I'm starting the stripdown of my ex-AA T4, and the first part to be removed is the Eberspacher Handiwash Unit. It is exactly as removed, and was in working order as far as I know (Only had the van a week, and never used it!). It comes with the mounting bracket, and a waste...
  13. WARNING to ex AA owners....

    General Technical
    Wasn't the case on my ex-AA, but my neighbour and a workmate had the same issue, neither had spotted it........ The spare wheel is held underneath in a cage, hinged at the forward end and bolted up at the rear. One of the bolts was a locking wheel style, and neither had the key..... Got my...
  14. Question for the Ex-AA Vans

    General T4 Chat
    Has anynone Carpeted the back and kept the tool racking? I like the idea of being able to refit the tool cabs but have the rear of the van insulated and carpeted. I know it would make refitting the bulk head a bit tighter but other then that it should be possible? Its there any company who...
  15. Sturdy 9mm T4 Ply Floor FOR SALE

    Parts For Sale
    I would like to take offers on a 2 piece 9mm ply floor with an additional thin slip and water resistance coating. It is used and has some dirty marks, and other wear. So do bare that in mind. However it is a very solid, strong and decent floor also. This would be an ideal solution for...
  16. ex-AA rear under-bumper white light

    I am after the clear glass lens from the light fitted under the rear bumper of ex-AA vans. The plastic on mine has melted. Not 100% sure I'm going to keep it, but I'd like to get mine fixed and see if it's useful. Someone out there must have one in the box of stuff they've stripped out :-)...
  17. Anyone here with the Co-Op and declared mods?

    Tax, Insurance & Licensing
    I'm thinking of making a few changes to the van, but a quick call to the insurers got a flat refusal and "no mods allowed". :eek: I was wondering if that was just the person I spoke to or whether anyone else has had more luck with them. They were one of the few insurers who offered a private...
  18. Ex-AA General Info

    General Technical
    Since all the info for the ex-aa vans is scattered around the site thought it maybe of some use to all of Team Yellow if the info was put in one thread not sure where to put it so if a friendly Mod knows better please move it. 2003 and later Models had all there electrics controlled by one main...
  19. Show me your ex-AA paint jobs

    Customising / Modding
    I think it's time to freshen up the yellow peril and I'm looking for inspiration. Also, can anyone recommend a paint job in the Reading/Bracknell/Camberley area? Thanks everyone A:
  20. Electric Mirrors Question

    I've got an Ex AA Team Yellow, but the LH Electric mirror doesn't work. I've taken the glass out and had a look at the wiring briefly! Nothing more than a quick look, all seems OK to me!!! The weird thing is when in the drivers seat I switch the toggle to L or R when on the R for the RHS...