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  1. Vans For Sale
    Now Sold my yellow, ex AA T4 2002 transporter based near Bangor, North Wales Fantastic 2.5 TDI engine chipped at factory as per that . AA van. Has original folding and removable seats in the back, tinted windows, a ply base in the back that can be pulled over rear folding seats to make a king...
  2. T Spotting
    Don't know if you are on here but spotted an ex AA near Linga in France. Hope you enjoyed the piste!
  3. Electrical
    Hi - I have a T4 2.5TDi - 90 A alternator. I bought a Durite 140A VSR a while back and am looking to start wiring it up. I have one of JKays' double battery trays in the engine compartment and a 110 Ah battery there waiting. Just a few quick questions.. Would 16 mm cable be up to the job? very...
  4. Electrical
    Immobiliser seems to be playing up but not 100% sure. Dash lights don't come on when I try to deactivate immobiliser. So have to fire up with a wire to the starter motor. Then randomly the dash lights come on again. My T4 mechanic can't find problem, but doesn't have equipment to test...
  5. Bodywork & Exterior / Detailing & Valeting
    Hi - there are a few threads on here regarding this, but can't seem to find any definite answers. My exAA T4 yellow van has a few bumps and scrapes (Bristol traffic!). There is a little bit of surface rust coming thru on one or two wheel arches. And a little bit of rust at the top of the...
  6. The Workshop
    After well over a year of searching I woke up one Sunday morning and did the usual Ebay checks for that perfect van. An email, a phone call, and a 250mile road trip later I returned home with this 52 plate ex AA on 131,000 miles. It was owned by a chap called Will who had looked after it well...
  7. General T5 Chat
    Hi i suspect this has already been covered but does anyone know what the AA and or JCB do with their old / unwanted T5 vans? Got a thing for yellow T:
  8. Electrical
    I have a 1999 ex AA T4 and want to wire in a aux battery, could anyone tell me if they come with a battery splitter diode already installed? Thanks.
  9. Team Yellow
    Here she is! Only had it a couple of weeks, got a mate to do a respray of the bottom half to get rid of the ex AA green stripe, and to sort out the little patches of rust, of which there are now none! He also sprayed a spoiler and stuck it on for me, which makes it look better. Next is getting...
  10. New T4 Members Forum
    Thought i would say hello and see if somebody could hepl with answers to a question. With a wife, two kids and a dog to haul around we are looking at replacing an octavia diesel Est (dont laugh 245,000 miles and it can still do 55-60 mpg at 60mph) with a T4. I have seen an ex aa t4 with the...
  11. T Spotting
    Hi all. I was followed by a Yellow T4 Ex AA up the Wombourne to Sedgley road tonight at about 5:30pm. It turned off to go along the Northway. Just wondered if it was anybody on here?
  12. Parts For Sale
    Eberspacher Handiwash Unit Hot and Cold 12V - £40 Ex-AA Recovery Light Bar - £60 Both items either for collection or courier
  13. New T4 Members Forum
    Hi all I just got into the Forum bought our Ex AA van last Christmas and spent lots of time making it into a camper as in Sept my and my wife to be are getting married and going on a 3500 mile honeymoon! We had been to some shows this year we started off with Volksworld show it was amazing! but...
  14. Parts For Sale
    After stripping out my ex AA van I have the following bits for sale 1 self contained wash basin and waste container 1 complete set of airbags and pipework with 2 springs and 4 shockers 1 complete light bar with the sliders to enable it to swing down off the roof 1 lighting control unit to...
  15. SWB Garage (All Versions)
    After looking at about 20 vans we traveled up to other end of wales to Banwy vans and collect a 2003 52 reg ex AA van. Took it apart (as i do with all my rides :lol: ) and went about fully changing it 1st thing was to change the twin solid rear doors to a up and over caravelle door, that would...
  16. Electrical
    where do i start? got the panels off, taken the sink out - cut the wires, want to get rid of the lightbar - where to start...?
1-16 of 18 Results