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  1. Interior
    Hello all. Does anyone know if there are any seat covers available for the full width RIB seat. My current Kombi interior is in mint condition and in the PLACE fabric and although I can get an RIB in the same material i would like to protect it or put another cover over the top.. Thanks all
  2. Interior
    Hi guys, Just been moving furniture in the T4 van, and the foot of a chest of drawers has ripped the back of the passenger seat. It's not a massive tear but it is noticable, and looks like it might get worse. It's sort of an upside-down V shape, and is pretty much in the centre of the back of...
  3. Wanted
    Looking for the Blue and Grey fabric from the t5 california bed. Anyone re-trimmed theirs or know where I could get the same trim please let me know T:T:T:T:
  4. Interior
    So I am looking at capitain seats but the wallet is a bit empty, so I was thinking,has anybody used Interior Trim Fabric Paint? Just to spruce up the standard van seats i was thinking of just doing the fabric in Black. Cheap option or waste of time...
  5. Interior
    Hi guys, I'm in the process of converting the van and I'm currently searching for the and very dark grey fabric to upholster the chairs and RIB seat with. I was recommended Impala (http://www.impalafabrics.co.uk/) which looks amazing but doesn't come in the right colour. Can anyone recommend...
1-5 of 5 Results