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  1. Sudden clutch pedal fail

    Engine & Gearbox
    HELP - the clutch pedal won't return to it's position. I can't select any gear while the motor is running and there is not a patch of oil under the motor (not motor oil). Does anyone know what has failed here? It would really be helpful to have an idea because I am in Italy and my 1997 T4 TDI is...
  2. Epic Fail......

    General T5 Chat
    Q.How do you go from this... to this in under 1 minute? . . . . . . . . A. Put a screw into the sidewall that is way to long... DOH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :bhd
  3. T5 electric windows - semi-fail both sides... help?

    Any ideas folk? 2007 VW T5. Electric windows failed both sides. BUT... note: 30A canister fuse is behind slide-out controller box under driver dash panel - right by diagnostic connector. The 5A on lower fuse panel referred to in handbook is only for control circuit. 1- ignition off, pull 30A...
  4. MOT Failure on Lowered Coils - Any Advice?

    Steering & Suspension
    MOT Failure on Lowered Coils & Decat - Any Advice? Hi Guys, Anyone got any advice for me on my MOT? I just had it into VW van centre for a new Cambelt and got them to do an MOT while it was in there to try and save me time - that has monumentally backfired! They sent it to Peugot!!! for...
  5. Audi Lights MOT - Epic fail

    General Van Chat
    Epic epic fail really like the look of them, but really wished I had not bothered, really close to fitting the old lamps back :eek: As above just gone into the garage for the MOT Audi lights made it fail on 6 separate points 2 my fault for poor up / down alignment when I did it 2 for not...