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fan belt
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  1. Engine & Gearbox
    Hi all, I've had the van 2 years now, it's a T4 AAC petrol AutoSleeper Trophy conversion. It's hardly given me any bother at all, but it's ruthless to the auxiliary drive belt. I'm not getting a 1000 miles a belt out of them. I've had 3 in two years. It doesn't matter how I tension them they...
  2. Engine & Gearbox
    This is driving me up the wall. Hearing a tappety noise from the front of the engine, when the engine is up to temp. Over the last 18 months I've replaced the alternator for new, then had the constant squealing from the belt until the engine warmed up. I had issues with the water pump (Which I...
  3. Engine & Gearbox
    Hi, My lovely 1.9 deisel t4 has recently been squealing on start up. Now something has snapped. From the image can you tell me what has gone? What do I need to replace/check? Then point me in the direction of a guide to refit the belts? Many thanks if you can help.
  4. Engine & Gearbox
    Hi I have a t4 2.5TDI Caravelle 1999 ACV engine. i believe the tensioner is on the top pulley between the engine and the bulk head. It looks like a pulley with a bolt that attaches in the centre to a metal bracket and is held on with a nut, it looks like a 13mm bolt but it looks like you...
  5. New T4 Members Forum
    Hi all, I am a new VW T4 owner and have stumbled across your VERY useful site! I took a chance and bought a T4 with no MOT (meant I could beat the seller down to make it within my price range) On way to garage it conked out!! Lost power, horrid screeching noise, burning rubber smell and white...
  6. General Van Chat
    driving up the A1 last night and my fan belt went, temp crept up and battery light came on, had to pull over about a mile and a half from the welwyn garden city junction before melt down. managed to let it cool down enough to get off at the next junction, phoned round a few buddies for a...
1-6 of 6 Results