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  1. Flush fitting roof fan?

    Has anyone managed to find a roof vent fan which is more or less flush from the outside? Ideally no more than 2cm raise, 5cm max. Looking for a powered fan, one at each end probably to create a tunnel effect. Dont want to go over 2m total height for my van, so I can still get in my local...
  2. Radiator fan (1) always on, AC not working (again)

    Hi guys, I have a bit of an issue with my T4. ACV, 1998, manual AC: the radiator fan starts immediately upon starting the engine (only 1 fan) and keeps running until I shut the engine down. The fuses are okay, what could the issue be? All ideas appreciated as I am in Senegal with the car now...
  3. intermittent fan blower

    Hi All I have an intermittent fan problem and its puzzling me. It works lovely when its on and I can adjust the speed, however sometimes without warning it turns off. then at some other random time could be a day later or a few minutes it switches back on. Any ideas? in the throws of winter i've...
  4. Intermittent Fan Blower Noise

    Hi Guys, I have a 2013 T5.1 Caravelle and have an issue with a loud noise from the Fan Heater / Blower in the front. What happens is... when I have the direction of the fans pointed to blow out of the main dash ( 3 o'clock position on the direction dial ), after about 2 mins a noise starts...
  5. Help needed! Overheating warning.

    Engine & Gearbox
    My T5 is a T28 2.0 Tdi 102 on a 62 plate, 75,000 miles. It has just developed a very strange fault where after starting the engine and running for only a couple of minutes I get the red water temperature dash lamp flashing and the warning beep. Not a high spec so no separate water temperature...
  6. No aor coming thru vents

    General T5 Chat
    We bought a t5 and are having trouble with the fan as it blows hot n it blows cold well I say blow it only blows any air out when its set to screen any of the other vents work with it been hot when we bought it we made the mistake of not trying the fan on the van does anyone have a clue what's...
  7. T5 Heater/cooler Blower Motor - Help!

    Welcome to The VW T4 Forums
    Hi, I have a T5 2005 1.9 Diesel Transporter and I'm looking for a replacement blower fan as the motor on my existing one is making lots of wrong noises. It certainly seems to be on its last legs. I have tried a couple of local motor factor places who say they cant get hold of one. Im writing...
  8. t5 .2.5tdi

    New T5 Members Forum
    Hi new to this as ive only had my t5 a month ,, got a problem with fan staying on .?. Its the smaller one on the drivers side not sure if its the air con or heater fan , but battery is dead any help would be greatly appreciated, cheers kevin
  9. what a job this has been!!!

    General T4 Chat
    Thought I'd firstly say thanks to everyone who has posted advice on here regarding overheating and how to solve it its been a great help! My 1993 2.4d t4 decided to overheat last week, managed to get it home, no fans working and no obvious water pipes leaking so I looked on here and pieced...
  10. Two questions regarding the fan speed and windscreen jets ...

    Hi I was wondering if anybody could help? Firstly my fan control for my pre 96 has been intermittent for a while , working on and off but I've been able to push the speed knob ain and it starts most of the time. Recently it only works when I press and hold the dial, as soon as I let go it cuts...
  11. Diagnosing fan blower with climatronic

    Just thought I'd share my experiences with this one, as I haven't seen it on the forum (sorry if I've missed it). "Normal" T5 Fan Blower Check To find out if your getting different (and the right) voltages from your fan speed controller, you normally put a voltmeter across the 2x terminals of...
  12. Low profile vent fan

    Morning all! Has anyone fitted or know anything about one of these roof fans? http://www.incarconnections.co.uk/van-ventilation-van-roof-vents-van-vent/low-profile-motorised-van-ventilator-grey-inner-valve.html It looks good, awesome throughput and reversibility is handy. But I can't find any...
  13. Heater fan turning itself off?

    Hi, When I start the engine the heater fan works on 1,2,3 & 4 and then after about a minute it just turns itself off? won't come back on either even with restarting the engine, very strange, any suggestions as to what maybe wrong with it? Many Thanks Jared
  14. T5 - climatronic - blower fan speed

    Hi all, My climatronic works well upto front blower fan speed of 3 bars(on digital display), for higher displayed speed(bars 4-max) it remains at speed of 3 bars. I have noticed when I switched on A/C while driving, no way to get max blower fan speed.(manually) After some time (20 mins ?) the...
  15. Fan running when unlocking

    Hi all I have just bought a 08 LWB shuttle, super excited, but I yesterday noticed that a fan is running when I unlock the van, and then continues to run after the ignition is off and the van is locked (I'm not sure how long it runs for) The issue with this is that I went out this morning and...
  16. Overheating and dumping coolant :( HELP!

    Engine & Gearbox
    Hi guys and girls When I was pushing a car onto the trailer today with the van engine running, there was a pop and a load of steam as it dumped all its coolant. It was there a good half hour before this so it wasn't instant but the radiator hadn't come on. The coolant leak was due to a hose...
  17. Radiator fans not working

    Engine & Gearbox
    Hi all, My 1998 1.9TDI is overheating, the radiator fans don't work. When the engine temp rises, and I turn the engine off, a whirring noise can be heard coming from somewhere, i cant quite pinpoint it. I dont think it is coming from the fans though. The fans themselves are in no way turning or...
  18. t4 caravelle front blower problem

    I have searched high and low to see if anyone has the same problem but cannot find it so here goes:- My climate control panel on my 2000 VW T4 Caravelle flashes on startup and when I try and put the fans on nothing happens until I reach the maximum setting the rear works but the front does not...
  19. Heater fan speeds

    My heater doesn't seem to blow anything on speeds 1 & 2 but works fine on 3 & 4, had a caddy on hire while our roof was done and that seemed to be the same. Is this just a VW van thing or is it something I can fix??? :*
  20. Help!T5 getting hot too quickly - fan running at 60C & continues after switching off

    Engine & Gearbox
    Help!T5 getting hot too quickly - fan running at 60C & continues after switching off Hi guys, Can someone please help me?! This is stressing me to the eyeballs!?! Had a T2 back in 93, changed it for T4 in 2000 - none of them ever gave me a days grief. Then in July this year (2011) bought an...