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  1. T% and T6 Roof Vents issues

    General T5 Technical
    Ok i think i have trashed my hands doing this but here goes its a simple bit of kit Big Blower three Servos and pipes and a controller so what fails well first thing is to check does ths fan run ? if not you need to trouble shoot that it has its own fuse (Fused box c) if the fan works you...
  2. Cooling Fans Permanently on '54 T5 Caravelle

    As soon as the ignition is on both fans start full blast and keep going. I've tried isolating the fuses (not easy with no fuse map in handbook OR fuseboxes!) but to no avail. The garage that serviced it yesterday said the diagnostic machine said "00003-control module malfunction code store in...
  3. Cooling fans on more often

    General Technical
    Hi hoping someone can help me This has only happened in the recent hot spell but my 1.9d vw transporter warms up only to a quarter on the temp gauge , but under load (hills , stuck in traffic etc) the fans kick in Even tho it doesn't seem to be overheating! Anyone else had this problem and any...
  4. Engine temp dial consistently low.

    So I'm in my first week of T4 ownership noticed a (shamefully obvious) problem I should have spotted on the test drive. The temp dial on the left side of the dash barely makes it past the first mark on the dial when I'm ragging it up a steep hill. A lot of the time including on the motorway it...
  5. 2.5tdi air con fan noise terribly loud !? HELP!

    General Technical
    hi my 2.5tdi caravelle air con makes a terrible racket when i turn it on ? i was driving along air con on nice and cold all good when BANG! , followed by a terrible sound from the fans . the noise goes when i turn off the air con as the fans stop but when i turn it on its awful , what controls...
  6. COOLING FANS NOT WORKING - 2.5 Petrol 1992

    General Technical
    Hi All, My cooling fans are not coming on....help needed. I allow the temp gauge to reach 3/4 and still no sign of the fans kicking into life. I have checked no19 fuse (30A blade fuse) and the 2 fuse's behind the passenger head light (50A). I have also replaced both temp senders, I'm sure...