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  1. Parts For Sale
    Hi all. Pair of these for sale. When I went for the Cambee kitchen unit I decided to change from the FASP to a lower profile handle on the drivers side. Due to my OCD I decided to change the passengers too - so that the handles matched.....yeh I know! Very happy with them! No wobble at all...
  2. Interior
    I have recently fitted a FASP swivel base to my passenger seat, and there is a little handle that is getting in the way. Has anyone else had this problem? Surely this is some sort of design flaw.
  3. Interior
    Hi, Anyone fitted a FASP Swivel to an Alfa 156 seat. looking at doing mine but the base of the alfa seat has a bulge i will need to grind / cut off in order to sit flat on the swivel. Not keen on dropping cash to have it not work out. Things always seem to cost more here in Australia. So has...
  4. General T4 Chat
    Please can someone who's fitted these successfully provide installs instructions ? Mine have arrived with no instructions. I'd also appreciate any info on what fixings are required please. Bit frustrating after shelling out £200!
  5. Interior
    Hi Have just ordered up a pair of FASP plates from Jennings for my 97 Velle. As they don't come with fixings I was hoping someone could tell me what exactly is required and if people have bought them off eBay please. I want to order up so I can get them here ready for the plates when they...
  6. Swap Shop
    Got a bongo seat going soon with 2 harness straps for kids and lap belt with 2 half rails .looking to either part ex ,swap or sell.Pics to follow. Im after a smev 2 burner and sink combo,cab bunk,waeco 60l fridge and fasp swivels.
  7. Parts For Sale
    Hi, Got a pair of FASP swivels (one for driver's seat and one for passneger's seat) up for grabs. These fit the pre-1996 seat bases. Located in Bristol, collection only. £115 each or both for £210. Cheers! Ollie
1-7 of 7 Results