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  1. No connection to ECU via OBD2

    Hi all, VAG fan here. I recently bought my first T5 and wanted to run some diagnostics on it but cant connect to the ECU. Tests I've already done are: 1. tried with VCDS ( not lite and not genuine, but has worked on all my other VAG cars I've had) - not connected to ECU 2. tried with Bluetooth...
  2. Vcds lite works with my 2006 polo not with my 2012 t5.1

    General T5 Chat
    Hi all, I have had a cheapy lead and registered copy of vcds lite that I have had for years and used happily on my t4's to set timing and read measuring blocks and reset faults etc I used it to cancel an airbag light on our 2006 polo, thought while it was out I would plug it into our new t5.1...
  3. 2012 2.0TDI T5 Sportline ....GEAR BOX???? BROKEN DOWN HELP!

    Engine & Gearbox
    Hi there! So I have just got back from towing my very loved T5 to my local garage by the RAC... Tried to pull out at a junction and it wouldn't go into gear/drive. (very scary on a junction with my toddler in the back!) RAC and garage's first thoughts are the gearbox diff .... waiting on a...
  4. door lock malarky

    General Technical
    Hi all, My passenger door lock is having a fit, and keeps on locking itself and all the other locks. I can see elsewhere on the forum that this is likely to be one of 2 things; wiring fault in the door or fault in the lock - that little spring thingy. When I pull the knob up on the...
  5. VW T4 Stalling / Starting Issue & ECU Fault

    Hello Everyone, I have a 1994 VW T4 Caravelle 2.0 Petrol. No Immobiliser. Digifant ECU I have not been able to drive for over a month now due to an intermittent fault. It drives perfectly for a few minutes the engine switches off as if there is no spark and then I can not get started for...
  6. ABS & TC fault

    Hello:) I have a 2010 T5.1 and got the ABS and TC yellow warning lights up on our holiday down in Cornwall, sometimes go off but mainly on. I'm home and plugged it in to VCDS, showing fault on rear right sensor, no reading at all when rotating. Not had chance to delve deeper yet but doing my...
  7. T5 2.5 TDI - Yet another Major problem!

    General T5 Technical
    Hi folks, I have a 2005 2.5 TDI and it has just been diagosed now with the worn out camshaft/rocker gear problem and a leaking water pump, which is crazy at only 175,000 kms! I have had it since 140,000 and in that time it has had the stubshaft issue where the teeth disintegrate leaving me...
  8. 18 Years Old, Looking For My First T4!

    New T4 Members Forum
    Hi everyone. I was wondering, what sort of things should I be looking out for when trying to buy a T4? Just common faults etc. I want a basic van that is stock (preferably) as my money is very limited (Ah the joys of being a teenager). Anyway I'm still on my first car, a mk1 Toyota Yaris, a...
  9. TDI Quantity Adjuster Fault Code 10268 04F4

    Engine & Gearbox
    Just dipping my toe in the water with this one to see if I can find some more info. I've just bought a 2.5 TDI California Exclusive in Norway. The coil light began flashing when I moved it off the drive and I checked on here and found all the info about what this means with the ECU fault codes...
  10. 2004 T5 2.5 130 - Red oil light intermittent problem

    Hi guys, I'm new to T5 ownership and this is my first post on here, ive spent many hours researching all the excellent data on here before taking the plunge and getting my own van so thank you everyone for what i have learnt to date. Ive had my van about a month, she's a bit of a tatty white...
  11. Ticking Relay

    Hello. I have a (yet another) fault with my 2005 van. This time its a relay or something that has started to tick randomly. It sounds like its comming from around the headlight switch area. The thing is: 1. It only ticks when the van is moving (which makes me think it might be a connection or...
  12. Flashing Glow Plug light - won't start. Already changed glow plugs!

    Engine & Gearbox
    Hi all, I found this forum whilst searching for my problem online, but can't find quite the answer I'm looking for.. My partner and I bought a VW T5 1.9 this weekend and since we returned home the glow plug light has been flashing and the van has been having difficulty starting. Over the last...
  13. Caravelle doors opening!

    Hi All, Im new here so hope I'm doing this right! I have a 2011 caravelle and was wondering if anyone else had any experience or advice on a door fault please? Basically the electric sliding doors occasionally bounce back just before closing, which is annoying but they close after the 6-7th...
  14. Broken t4 auto advice bristol

    Engine & Gearbox
    Hi Folks, I've got a Volkswagen TRANSPORTER (T4) 1200 SWB 2.5 1996. Basically my vans auto gearbox died in france this summer (140,000 miles so she's done well!). We got towed home. The van will go forward very slowly, won't reverse at all and creeps forward in neutral. I haven't had it seen...
  15. Auto elecrician recommendations

    General Van Chat
    Can anybody recommend any auto electricians in Whitley Bay/Blyth area or alternatively the wider newcastle area. Thanks in advance. G:)
  16. 1.9td wiring diagram

    does anyone have a wiring diagram for this model? And or bypass details for the immobiliser. If not looking more and more like having to pay someone to come and have a look ... Said with a tear in my eye! Neil
  17. Immobilizer fault PLEASE PLEASE HELP!!! PART 2

    Still got an Immobilizer fault, managed to find some diagrams on here that will help and FIL a T4 Forum member has sent me a nice link to an Ebay item to bypass it (which I will order if I have no luck), any advice hints, tips of how to bypass etc. would be much appreciated, I plan to start...
  18. Brake lights - stuck on

    Afternoon, Noticed today when getting out of the van that the brake lights were stuck on. That's engine off and keys out of the ignition. Pulled the fuse to save the battery, but not sure what's gone wrong? Checked the brake light switch above the pedal, *seems* ok, had an issue with it...
  19. HELP ASAP!!! Central locking failure and indicator light

    Hi all, Having a bit of a panic as night approaches! today i have installed a split charge system under my drivers seat which involved taking out the dash, seats and bases, pulling back the mat. Thought everything went ok but when i put it all back together the central locking doesnt work and...
  20. das indicator lights not working but indicators + hazards both work

    Hi all the little green indicator lights in my dashboard that flash in time with the indicators have suddenly both stopped working..the indicators and hazards both function normally though as does everything else in the dash..apart from a temperamental temp gauge. Any ideas where to start...