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  1. VW Shows & Events
    Hi all, After this years success at our first ever Dubfest we have decided to hold another on the 10th, 11th and 12th June 2016! Live music, food stalls. trade stands, dog agility, bar, magician and much more! Have a look at our website www.hurstdubfest.co.uk for more information and to book...
  2. Camping & Excursions
    Any other T4/T5's going i will be taking mine there for the first time this year and dont want it to get lonely...
  3. VW Shows & Events
    Reading veedub meet-16th March Cordwallis are hosting their very first VW meet on March 16th in Reading-all Volkswagen vans and cars are welcome! We'd love to see you all... All info can be found here.
  4. The Pub
    Hey guys I really need your help. My band is currently over a hundred votes behind in a competition we've entered and we need your votes. Its easy to vote and it takes two seconds. So if you can take some time just click this link and follow the instructions its easy peasy...
  5. General Van Chat
    Me my band and my van would really like to play this in the Beach Break festival. But we need votes to do so. TO VOTE open the link below and follow the instructions, it takes 2 seconds. http://www.beachbreaklive.com/en-uk/competition/battletothebeach/entry/145 I will be eternally grateful...
  6. General T4 Chat
    Our bus is going whatever state the conversion is in. My 5 year old is adamant (not Adam Ant). It's our second time but first taking a bus. Is anyone else going???? I've read into a bit of what went on at Blackpool Breeze regarding scallys robbing tents so I'm keen to avoid this at all costs at...
  7. General T4 Chat
    Just a note to anyone interested, Dubflecta will be carrying a limited amount of Diesel Rhino for us at busfest this weekend. Please feel free to approach him, Thank you. Ron
  8. VW Shows & Events
    Who's going to Suffolk volksfest at Stonham Barns this weekend? http://www.shows-uk.com/shows/volksfest/
  9. The Pub
    Anyone off to Bearded Theory next week? I am going as a steward ( working ) but will have time to go to a gig or two and bounce around in a tent wearing a daft hat n beard!!! Bought some new wellies just in case it rains, but expect I'll have to wear loads of factor 30 to hide the beer tan...
  10. General T4 Chat
    Does anybody know of any T4 festivals in Europe, mainly North West Germany and the Netherlands. I've found a few on google but they seem to be more aimed at beetles, probably because every man jack drives a T4 variant over here A:. If you've been to one or know of any good ones please let me...
  11. New T4 Members Forum
    Hi folks, I am thinking of organising a family activity festival in Fife for VW enthusiasts and trying to gauge a rough interest in such an event. Friday through to Sunday - June - 2012 or 13 (to make it excellent) and then annually after that. I have a venue at the moment to suit approx 150 -...
  12. General T5 Chat
    Hi all, I am fairly new to the Vw scene and recently bought a tidy 55 plate T5. I went to my first festival shortly after (whitenoise) and loved it, I can't say I have the bug but really am struggling with the growing addiction I have. Question is, I can just about afford to do 1 big festival...
  13. The Pub
    Anyone going to either of these this year? Or mor importantly, anyone going in the van. Im in two minds wether to go or not. Part of me says i cant be ars.d with the crammed in camping anymore now ive got the van but then i know the atmosphere wont be the same on the camper site. Nick
  14. The Pub
    Heard about this on the radio & nearly crashed the van laughing. Check it out: poo Girl :D:D:D:DLOL:LOL:LOL:LOL:LOL:LOL:
1-14 of 18 Results