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  1. Retrofit AIR CABIN FILTER on Early T4

    Customising / Modding
    My lungs have had enough. I want to retrofit a modern high quality cabin air filter to the air intake on my '94. Anything much newer comes with a pollen filter. All I have is a hole in the bulkhead that lines up with the air intake funnel across under the bonnet. Has anyone any suggestions as...
  2. Help Needed to identify PART

    Engine & Gearbox
    HI THERE, I need help to identify a filter that is very dirty and I think needs replacing. Many Thanks for your help. Bakermanv Its a 2005 T5 shuttle 2.5 diesel
  3. New fuel filter for 1.9D non turbo.

    Engine & Gearbox
    Hey all, I bought a full service kit from just Kampers a few months back. Did the oil and air filter change with no issue but when it came to the filter the one they sent was different to the one fitted. This confused me as the one they sent was the same as the one in my Haynes Manuel. Any I...
  4. Fuel Feed Issue & Pipe Connections

    Hi we have a T4 2000 2.5 TDI 102 Noticed a fuel leak around the fuel filter lots of repairs to the plastic pipes and the thermo valve was past its best, so have replaced the pipes to the fuel pump, and the thermo valve, seal and clip but cannot get the thing to start now the fuel does not seem...
  5. Air Cabin (interior) Filter (pollen) T4 1.9TD 1994 ABL REPLACEMENT: How to locate it?

    Hallo T4 Addicted, I am addicted to good air, I am trying to find the location of where my air cabin filter is located in order to change it, I have done deep online research but the spots where they indicate on various online tutorials are not matching with my Multivan. My VW T4 Multivan was...
  6. Alternative air intakes

    Engine & Gearbox
    Morning all, After giving the engine a once overm, it appears that I have to regretfully get rid of my stock air box and intake pipe. Why you ask? Well after changing to the mk4 style MAF, it does not appear to fit into the 2.5 airbox lid right. It's a tight fit and screwing the MAF body to the...
  7. Leisure battery... Somewhere different

    Not been able to find this on the search, so possibly a new/ daft idea! Looking at my engine bay, trying to work out how to cram a second huge battery in there, I realised I really don't want to move the ecu and fuses, just asking for trouble stressing old cables. Then it occurred to me; when...
  8. Please help - before I put a match to it!!

    Engine & Gearbox
    Can anyone please shed some light on this for me. I can't my my T4 to run at 100%. The van drives and pulls well but feels like its choked up in the low revs and seems to be at 80% of its power. Cannot hear the turbo whistle at all. VCDS shows up no faults what so ever. The symptoms are: A...
  9. Simple question - Which oil filter (& why?)

    Engine & Gearbox
    I need to do an oil & filter change on my '95 T4 based, Volvo Turbo & inter-cooled converted motorhome... I was going to opt for Mobil 1 oil (unless some kind sole tells me different), but which filter? :* I'd prefer a larger filter, just to increase the volume of oil if nothing else... All...
  10. Injector cleaner with DPF??

    Engine & Gearbox
    Hey everyone, I've been having power loss issues and what-not and a local mechanic popped some injector cleaner through the fuel system (via the filter and some in the tank) to see if it would sort it out. Kinda made it a bit better but now my DPF (departiculate filter) that I had fitted to...
  11. K&N Filter Charger kit for Mk3 Golf

    VAG Parts For Sale
    This is a K&N filter charger injection performance kit for a Mk3 Golf. It fits the Golf 2.0L 8v from Jan 94 - Nov 97, I had it fitted on my AGG engined Golf. The kit number is 57-0437, everything is in the kit, and it is in the original box. I had it fitted for approx 10k miles so there is...
  12. Fuel Filter?

    Engine & Gearbox
    My engine keeps on cutting out at low speed - could it be the fuel filer?
  13. K&N panel filter

    Parts For Sale
    This is a panel filter, part number 33-2675, it fits the VW Santana 2.3L V5 but Awesome GTI had it listed for a 1.8T engine. I'd like £25 posted to anywhere in the UK, PM me and I'll send a pic of it, its ready to go. It's only done about 15K miles and its all boxed and has all the original...
  14. K N filter or Induction Kit Wanted

    Hi \\Looking for KN panel filter or Induction kit so if you have one gathering bust let me know Via PM or Text 07850 984699 Thanks Very Much Jon
  15. Velle Rear Dust and Pollen Filter + Interior Cover

    I'm after the filter that goes inside the rear dust and pollen filter, I assume its missing because when you take the housing cover off there is a large empty space. Also the interior trim panel that covers up the large black filter unit is missing, so i'm after one of those as well. For a...