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fitting seat base
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  1. Interior
    Hi guys, first time on here and I've got an ex AA SWB T4. I've got some Bongo seats with short rails but can't work out exactly where to put them. I've read a few threads which help to some extent but not sure on measurements (don't want to drill through anything I shouldn't be). Has anyone got...
  2. General T5 Chat
    Hi All, Does anyone know of a place in the north west that can fit a rear seat in a panel (SWB T5 2012) - Would like a triple bench seat thing that can fold up to the front seats for more space and also be taken out easy enough as I use it for a work van and need all the space sometimes. Cheers
  3. Interior
    Hi I have a T5 2006 and want to fit a double swivel. Having researched I'm not sure I can fit one as I have a metal lip that stands about 12 mm from the van floor. Do I need to cut this off our dies the base fit over it? Thanks
1-3 of 3 Results