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fitting side windows
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  1. Customising / Modding
    Hey Guys I'm after some recommendations for somewhere to get my T4 resprayed, I also want some windows put in so somewhere that does both would be even better!! Your wise words will be much appreciated! Thanks
  2. T5 Conversions
    I want to buy some of Vansport's Bonded Windows in Privacy glass as they seem to be the best from what I can find. However, they are down in Penzance and I am not, so does anyone know of a reliable window fitter within say an hour of Newbury/Reading? They would need to cut out the panels then...
  3. Customising / Modding
    Hey yall! I have just put my deposit down on a 2006 174, and can't wait to pick it up next week! :D However, in the meantime I am planning all kinds of mods, one of the first being to get some side privacy windows fitted. Can anyone in the know please help with the following: a) Prices seem...
  4. General Technical
    HELP PLEASE! Has anyone fitted VW sliding side windows? I have cut the holes at the bottom of the recess in the panel leaving 3-4 mm of flat (ish) at the bottom to allow for glueing the skins together, however when i then fit the window it seems to sit proud by 1 or 2 mm. Do i need to remove the...
1-4 of 4 Results