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  1. T5 Conversions
    I've scoured the masses of posts on here about mud flaps, but I can't find the answer. Is it possible to adapt the T6 tailgate mud flaps (which mount to the arch) to fit the 2012-2015 T5.1 bumper and if so, does anyone have any hints or tips and preferably some photos? Many thanks in advance
  2. General Van Chat
    Hi All I'm trying to find the part number for the windscreen Defroster Flap Motor for a 2007 2.5 T5 Caravelle. I did a VAGCOM check which bought up the following fault code: 00710 Defroster Flap Motor - V107 Any ideas what the part number may be? Thanks for you help.
  3. Electrical
    This has fixed my 01272 fault: ROSS Tech Wiki says: 01272 1 01272 - Positioning Motor for Central Flap (V70) 1.1 01272 - Positioning Motor for Central Flap (V70): Faulty 1.1.1 Possible Causes 1.1.2 Possible Solutions 01272 - Positioning Motor for Central Flap (V70) 01272 - Positioning Motor...
1-3 of 3 Results