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  1. Hazard lights fault

    Hi forum, I'm at a loss with this one; I see a few threads started with similar issues but don't see any resolution. Any help greatly appreciated! Symptoms: 1) Hazard lights come on when parked and locked. No real pattern to it, random duration. Stopped only by pressing the hazards button on...
  2. das indicator lights not working but indicators + hazards both work

    Hi all the little green indicator lights in my dashboard that flash in time with the indicators have suddenly both stopped working..the indicators and hazards both function normally though as does everything else in the dash..apart from a temperamental temp gauge. Any ideas where to start...
  3. Hazards flash intermitently when locked, unlocked and driving, Help.

    Hi I seem to have a problem with my recent purchase, a 2005 Trendline 1.9. The hazard lights seem to flash when the van has just been locked, for a few mins then stop. The also can flash when the van has been unlocked as well as driving around, and will eventually stop after a few mins...
  4. battery light flashing and hesitent running

    Hi Guys, my van had a bit of a senior moment yesterday on the way home from work. It started with the battery light on the dash flashing, then the headlights dimmed, then the engine had a few "hesitations" which also coincided with the headlights dimming more. So i pulled over to check the...
  5. Glowplug light flashing but brake lights work?!

    General Van Chat
    Hey dudes, I wonder if anyone can help? The glowplug light starting flashing on the dash last night as I was driving. I read a few older forum posts on here last night and the consensus seemed to be that this indicates the brakes lights have a fault. I have checked and double checked and all...
  6. Oil light flashing

    Engine & Gearbox
    Please could someone help me with a problem im having. I bought a 98 T4 1.9TD last october. Van runs fine. Just one thing im unsure of really. Since i bought it the oil light would flash once or twice after ignition and only when it is cold, along with this the van would shudder a bit when...
  7. Flashing... How Much?

    General T4 Chat
    How much flashing is considered to be enough? :* I don't want to go crazy with the stuff but I'm now adding the insulation and suddenly wondered if I used enough.