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  1. 3 seater,130cm,4 part,rock 'n roll bed does one exist for a 2005 T30 swb Shuttle?

    General Van Chat
    Its been recently brought to my attention after 18 months ownership that a shuttle has extra reinforcing due to rear seating and in my case 4 of the rear middle seat floor mounts also, still in situ. I've read up on here about removal of these seat mounts, which seems the only way forward but a...
  2. Keeping original Caravelle Interior

    T4 Conversions
    Hey Guys, What are your thoughts on keeping the original carpet in the Caravelle for use as insulation and put my lino/vineer over it? It's a plastic covered foam with carpet over it. I'm thinking if it's good enough for VW it'll probably do the job? Can anybody see any problems with this...
  3. Screw holes left in floor - how to plug?

    T5 Conversions
    Hi all, So I'm putting sound deadening, insulation etc in my T5 as the previous owner didn't do a great job really. There are some self tapper screw holes in the floor that I won't be using. Ideally I'd plug them with a spot weld but I don't have a welder so do put a screw back in, put a...
  4. Holes in floor advice wanted

    Welcome to The VW T4 Forums
    We are converting a 2001 caravelle to a camper. There are several holes through the floor where seats etc have been been bolted and now removed. Prior to fitting the rnr bed and cupboard unit and a vinyl floor what do I do about the holes? Block, rustproof, leave? Possibly a daft question but I...
  5. T5 T5.1 LWB Kombi Rubber Floor with 8x Tie downs

    Parts For Sale
    Floor has cut outs for 2 + 1 Kombi Seats and holes for Tie downs. The floor is in overall very good condition, bar a small 5p sized horseshoe tear which is barely visible - see pics, one with it lifted up the other with it back in situ. £180 ONO
  6. Flooring Ideas

    Hello :ILU: Sorry if this has already been covered however I'm sure many of you have new pictures to add to the archive since it was last asked. I am at the stage of my conversion where I need to start thinking how I want my floor to look so I am looking for inspiration. Flooring seems to be...
  7. Rusty chassis/floor above rear spring.

    Bodywork & Exterior / Detailing & Valeting
    Hello all. I have just bought my T4 and am attacking a few rusty bits. I have been searching around but can't find an answer. The one that has me a little stumped is this. I had a hole in the floor next to the rear offside wheel tub. It looked to have been pushed up a bit too so I went and...
  8. Flooring batons - Screwed or Glued?

    Im about to start putting in some wooden batons across the floor to screw a ply surface onto. Is it best to screw the batons into the corrugated van floor or can i just use 'no nails' or something similar? If screwed, should i use some kind of sealant to prevent water getting in? Should i prep...
  9. T5 shuttle rear floor covering / mat

    Life Style
    For sale.. rear rubber floor mats from my 2010 swb shuttle which I have converted and no longer require.. £100 ono
  10. Insulation/soundproofing of VW T5 front floor

    I've been looking at all the soundproofing and insulation options and whilst there's plenty of the posts/comments in relation to the back area (i.e. behind the B pillars) I can't find much in relation to the driver/front-passenger area. My thinking is to add SilentCoat 2mm under the factory...
  11. Swapping Kombi 2+1 around

    Sorry if this is in the wrong area, please redirect. I have don't a search of this catorgory but to no avail. I am looking to see if it is possible to add additional Kombi quick release floor brackets, to enable me to swap the seats round. (Put the double on left side behind passenger...
  12. Treating the floor with a Anti Rust Primer

    T5 Conversions
    Hi guys, Ive had a look round for some info on this and decided to buy some Bonda Primer to treat / paint the floor of my T5, it is not bare metal as it already has the factory paint job on the floor. From what I gather as its a horizontal surface and its soon to be insulated the floor has a...
  13. Light Blue Paint

    T4 Syncro Garage
    Hi. My 2001 T4 Syncro was a white panel van. I notice while fixing some rust underneath it on the rear panel that the floor of the van underneath is a light blue colour. Is this normal colour sprayed in factory on all T4's underneath or was mine sprayed underneath?
  14. Sink waste through floor on Evo DIY kit

    T5 Conversions
    Just thought I'd post some photos to help people with where to drill through the floor for the waste pipe and a gas drop out vent on an Evo 4 kit. [imago]http://www.vwt4forum.co.uk/picture.php?albumid=24350&pictureid=181699[/img]
  15. Bonding the floor

    T5 Conversions
    Hi folks sorry for this question however I have searched and can only find part of an answer. My question is I have sound deadened my floor using silent coat and want to bond my plywood down to the floor rather than having a floater. I appreciate that my RIB and kitchen will hold it down but I...
  16. Removing sealant from rubber floor

    I removed the old ply lining from the back of my recently acquired T5.1 Kombi. Unfortunately the previous owner had sealed it to the rubber floor. Can anyone suggest a good way of removing the silicone sealant without damaging the rubber floor? Can I use chemical sealant softener/remover...
  17. LWB OEM rubber floor (without seat holes), side step, and full width theshold cover

    VAG Parts For Sale
    LWB OEM rubber floor, side step, and full width theshold cover for sale - £200 for the lot. Floor comes with all fixings (tiedown cups and leashing points). The floor is hole free - no seat cut outs, but does have the holes for the tiedown points. Floor is used, but is in mint condition with no...
  18. Quick release Floor brackets, anyone used them for anything other than seats?

    Got 2 sets of the brackets for my triple seat in the back of the van so I can either have load space or living space dependant on needs. When in the either position I look at the mounts and can't help think that they could be used for something else. I.e. fixing down a table, bed, unit, storage...
  19. T5 SWB Tie Down Lashing Points

    Hi I have recently bought a Kombi-bed from Exploria which screw in to the floor of the T5... I need to access my tie down points in a SWB T5 which have been plyed over. Would be great if anyone has any measurements which I can use to drill from above with a hole cutter. I see that there is a...
  20. Uh oh ripped floor vinyl

    Hello Sorry if this is covered anywhere else but couldn't find anything on a search...anyway.... My rocknroll bed leg somehow has ripped a meaty tear in my (clearly not very good) floor vinyl. It's all buckled and bashed so glueing it back down and hoping it doesn't look too rubbish is...