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  1. 2.5 petrol flywheel required.

    Engine & Gearbox
    Hi, I was wondering if anyone could help me locate a flywheel for a 1998 2.5 petrol Syncro. Any help would be much appreciated.
  2. T5 2.5 Vibration under load

    Engine & Gearbox
    Evening all, Need to pick your brains about an issue I have with my van. Its a 2.5 2009 T5 with 135k on the clock. Its just had a new clutch and flywheel done by a local garage. Since the new clutch and flywheel was fitted, I am now getting vibration under full load when the engine speed is...
  3. Whats this Vibration, ticking over in neutral?

    Engine & Gearbox
    Flywheel? Eng Mounts? Fuelling?? 2.5TDI 2003 T4 888special On my way to work this morning, setting off in a queue, felt a 'lump' and struggled to find the gear. Set off in third and the clutch seemed to be okay being nursed in.. Drove okay - not especially juddery on the clutch or anything...
  4. 88BHP 2.5 solid flywheel and clutch conversion kit

    Parts For Sale
    For sale , never used £100 collected from Bristol
  5. TVS offering DMF Clutch kits, installed for only £695.

    Services, Repairs & Maintenance
    TVS (Tamworth Vehicle Services Limited) are offering, for a limited time only, 5 speed Transporters, installation of a DMF Clutch kit, using genuine LUK parts for only £695!!! T5, 1.9, T5.1, 84, 85, 102 & 105 bhp We offer competitive prices for all types of work, on all vans. We are a VAG...
  6. My quick guide to flywheel/clutch change - T5 1.9tdi 2005 102

    Engine & Gearbox
    Couldn't find very much info on this subject so had a go at the job myself and thought I’d write a quick guide if anyone else is debating doing the job themselves. Please don’t take this guide to seriously, I have probably left things out and done things wrong as I am no mechanic. Reason for...
  7. Clutch? Or dare I say it Gearbox problem?

    Engine & Gearbox
    Hello everyone, Im having problems with the transmission on my T4 petrol at the moment.:( I think it's the clutch, possible slave cylinder? Basically at the moment sometimes, not all the time, when I'm stationary and put it in to gear with the clutch fully depressed, the van will crawl as...
  8. Options on worn out flywheel/clutch?

    Engine & Gearbox
    I'm thinking my flywheel or clutch or both are on the way out. I've been getting a slight judder on acceleration for a little while now and the occasional burning smell after changing gears, I have a 2001 1.9TD and it's around 118,000 miles. I was wondering if there is anything worth doing...
  9. AJT LUK Clutch and DM flywheel assembly

    Parts For Sale
    As title. I got sent this by a member and agreed £200 for the clutch, DMF and release bearing and £23 p+p. It turns out it's not the right one for my bus so someone else can grab a bargain. No offers please i only want the original agreed price. Here's some pics T: Cheers Jonnie
  10. Shudder in T5 130bhp - gearbox problem?

    Engine & Gearbox
    Hello there I have a 2006 T5 2.5l TDi 130bhp (145k miles). The engine ceased a few months ago, shortly after putting petrol in instead of diesel (duh). I posted about this previously - ended up having the engine completely remanufactured for the princely sum of £3,700 (they also replaced the...
  11. Interest In T4 Single Mass Flywheel Kits?

    Conversions & Customisation
    Hi all, Just a feeler post to see if there is any interest for the Valeo single mass flywheel and clutch kits for the 2.5 T4? We can offer these with a LUK bearing for £300+VAT(£360 INC VAT) and plus postage supply only. Fitting is also available at our workshop in Brackley. If this is of...
  12. Anyone recommend a garage / mechanic - Chichester, Portsmouth area?

    General T5 Chat
    Hi, Just bought my first van. T5 2.5TDi 130 manual Shuttle 04 reg with 124k miles, last serviced at 118k. I got it for a good price but I expected some mechanical work would be required. Yesterday after reversing the van into the drive I noticed what I thought was engine oil dripping from...
  13. 2.5 TDi 88Bhp Clutch replacement defintive answer!! Please help

    Engine & Gearbox
    Trying to get a definitive answer / information on: What clutch / flywheel options for 88bhp AJT As found in TD blue I vans like my 888 special. I have read over the last few months about 30 threads on this subject and confused you bet :confused:!! This question gets asked a lot so I would...
  14. Gearbox for T4 2.0l petrol for sale

    Parts For Sale
    Hi I have a 5 speed manual gearbox taken from a 1993 2.0l petrol Transporter/Caravelle for sale. The code on the box is: 2 AYE 22051, from an AAC engine. I removed it from the donor van several months ago in the hope of converting my auto to manual. It comes with pretty much everything you...
  15. VR6 Clutch.....any info????

    Engine & Gearbox
    Evening all, My clutch is on its last legs and in need of replacement ASAP I: Having started down the Projekt Proper Job route, I need to get something a little more substantial to deal with the extra power T: I know people have done away with the dual mass flywheel and put the VR6 clutch in...