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  1. heating flaps

    General Van Chat
    Hi What to put on heating flaps. Ours are 20 years old. How you guys are fixing ist? What material you are putting? thx
  2. Foam from Airvents in T4

    General Technical
    Hi there, I have black foam coming out of the airvents in my 1998 T4. It's got a sort of backing too, and is about 5mm thick. It's obviously something deteriorating, but I don't know what. Should I be worried? I've put a picture of the debris below. As always, any help would be great...
  3. Bed Mattress

    T5 Conversions
    Does anyone have any recommendations? Can anyone recommend where I can get cheap foam, what dimensions are required as a minimum for comfort? Thanks in advance, Wes
  4. Foam thickness

    T5 Conversions
    Hello everyone, I've almost finished to build a u shaped sofa and I'am about to order some foam on line. I was wondering what thickness you would recommend for the mattress? cheers, Laurent
  5. Foam supplier?

    T5 Conversions
    Hey folks. I have started making a bed for my kombi, it's basically a blatant rip off of an Exploria kombi, but will be 90% timber cos that's where my skills are! I've started looking for foam for it, but I have now managed to give myself a headache by looking online, some suppliers say 3"...
  6. List of things wanted - Wrap around bumper complete

    Hi All, I'm now on the look out for a wrap around bumper with foam and end fixing/slider things. I'm also on the look out for a dash insert for pre 96 van (black thing) thats houses the radio, heating controls, ash tray etc...
  7. Spray foam insulation?

    T5 Conversions
    Has anyone here had their van sprayed with foam insulation? I think it seems like a really neat solution, acting as vapour barrier, thermal and acoustic insulation at once although it could end up being very messy and I think I read somewhere due to the heat produced when curing it can warp...
  8. R&R bed foam. Where……………...

    T4 Conversions
    Can anyone recommend me somewhere I can get some mail order foam without being fleeced for postage to the West coast in Scotland?! I ordered a standard set of foam cushions for a ¾ width R&R bed from Foam Wizards on ebay……postage was listed as £11.95, not too astronomic. I paid promptly and...
  9. full width R&R bed with foam & covers & seat belts

    Parts For Sale
    THIS BED IS NOW SOLD!! For sale: Full width Rock and Roll bed with 2 3 point seat belts (you could fit a lap belt in the middle) with foam (3in I think, but will check tomorrow) and home made red covers which have zips so are easily removed, and are washable. Excellent condition, very...
  10. Roof Lining and foam recommendation

    Has anyone carpeted the roof lining ? (megavan mats) I've done this and now can't get the two plastic strips that run in the middle of the two roof liners and between the cab and rear. Is there a way of making them stay up ? or do i need to buy longer clips for the strips ? Also, for anyone...
  11. Foam Grades & Information

    LIGHT BLUE feel- FIRM usage - General seating, mattresses & contract backs class - Budget BLUE feel - HARD usage - Domestic seating grade, contract mattresses, office chairs class - Classic LIME GREEN (Just got this back in)T: feel - FIRM usage - Domestic seating grade, contract...
  12. Hi everybody, another newbie

    Welcome to The VW T4 Forums
    Hi all, my name is Del and im another newbie on here I will be after a T5 in the furture once I have finished off my to custom scooters. I hope I can be of help to, as I own Foam Wizards Ltd. in stourbridge and a few members on here have been into see me this is why I am after a T5 I have...
  13. Seat Foam

    not sure if this should go in here conversions or the wanted section :confused: but im after some foam to make the cushions on the new rock and roll, was wondering if theres any were cheep, if any one has an suggestions as to what type ,thickness ect i should be looking for and any handy tips on...