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  1. Electrical
    Hi all, Since I got my T4 a few years back the central locking never worked. Now that I'm finished rebuilding the engine it's time to tackle the locks. All doors lock with the key fine independantly but none lock together with key or fob. I've checked the fuse and its ok. When doing the...
  2. Security
    Hi. My keys for T4 are almost worn out to the point where the main key on the fob doesn't open the drivers door but the spare does but the spare doesn't open the tailgate but the original fob key does. My central locking doesn't work at all. Where would I buy inexpensive replacement fob and...
  3. Electrical
    Today my central locking has stopped responding to the key fob, any suggestions would be much appreciated. Turning the key in the lock still operates the central locking fine, all the doors lock/unlock and the red light on the drivers door flashes when locked. I've read about the wiring...
1-3 of 3 Results