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fog light loom
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  1. Electrical
    I recently bought a front fog light wiring loom. My 2009 T5 has a rear fog light but no front fog lights, so the plan was to retrofit them. The wiring loom has six plugs on it (numbered in red on the photos). I know where four of them go (1,2,5 and 6). I do not know what plugs 3 and 4 are for...
  2. Electrical
    Hi. I want to get a set of fog lights, switch, wiring loom and mounting brackets for my 2001 T4 Syncro. Are there any recommended good quality options?
  3. Electrical
    Does any one have any information and or a wiring diagram to instal front fogs / cornering lights on a 60 plate T5.1 I have seen a few members sya they have done it. so gather it sholud be possible on mine. I Have the switch and lights just need to fabricate a loom to suit. I guess the looms...
  4. Electrical
    Since www.t4srus.co.uk don't have stock of their £17.99 Fog light wiring loom (do they have much stock of anything?) I have found another supplier (sorry hope not getting anyone's back up) if anyone's looking to add fog lights: https://www.carmediauk.com/store/93-VW-T4-Fog-light-Harness.html...
1-4 of 4 Results