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  1. Front fog lamp warning light on dashboard

    Some nice person recently took it upon themselves to remove the front fog lamps and surrounds from our Caravelle. The car is permanently parked on the street outside our house, so if I replace them it's highly likely that they'll come back and steal them again. Therefore I've decided to not...
  2. T5 / T5.1 Headlight Switch with fog light setting

    Parts For Sale
    Hi all I’ve got a T5 / T5.1 Headlight Switch in satin silver with the settings for front and rear foglights. VW Type switch at a fraction of the price Dealership price £80+ Vat It’s brand new still boxed It's the same as this...
  3. T5.1 Fog light bumper trims with fog light cover rings

    Parts For Sale
    Genuine T5.1 (2010 - 2015) Fog light bumper trims with fog light cover rings. I have the left and right side and they come with the chrome effect fog light cover rings Left hand side - 7E5807489B Right hand side - 7E5807490B It's number 55 & 60 in this picture. Was £25 each, now £20...
  4. Bypass Relay Trailer Fog Light Problem

    General T5 Technical
    Hi, just fitted a Westfalia towbar and used a universal bypass relay to my T5 (61 plate), had a few problems as the wiring diagram supplied with the relay was wrong but sorted those out. Now have a problem where the fog lights on the trailer board are permanently lit when connected to the van...
  5. Fog Light Fitting - Hampshire?

    General T5 Chat
    Hi hope someone may be able to advise me. I would like to retrofit fog lights on to my T5 Trendline camper conversion and would prefer getting someone who has done it before to do it. I live in Hampshire, but also regularly back up to Manchester - can anyone please recommend someone who can fit...
  6. T5 Nearside rear fog light not wired????

    I Noticed my new van had offside reverse light out so checked all of the lights and noticed the rear nearside fog was out too. So I check the bulb and looks A OK:confused: So I look at the wiring and there's no wire to the connector? This looks original. The location where the wire should be...