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  1. Road trip ending in Santander

    European and Foreign Travel
    Hi everyone Just seeking some advice and ideas for our first venture into European touring in our camper next summer. We have booked a return ferry from Santander to Portsmouth next August...and are now working on how to get there (taking 3 weeks off work) and some adventures along the way...
  2. Breakdown In France

    General T4 Chat
    Alright Boys and Girls Recently arrived back from a holiday driving around France. Unfortunately without my T4 1.9TD LWB. Was on the trip back to Calais last Saturday and the power just died, no mechanical clanking or banging from a con-rod or anything, just lost power. I dont know if the...
  3. Tour de France Fantasy League

    The Pub
    Does anyone fancy a crack at the Tour Fantasy League? I've set-up a mini league as per the details below. Simply register your name, pick your team of 9 riders, join the league, and let battle commence! http://www.velogames.com/ League Name: VWTdF League Code: 71011613145 I know its short...
  4. New to VW, new to Transporters

    Welcome to The VW T4 Forums
    Hi, I just returned from a touring holiday camping in France. I managed to squash a tent and equipment (on the roof), wife & 3kids, and too much luggage in to a Zafira. The Zaffy did very well, and we covered 1800 miles in a week, but I was jealous of all the Veedubs which are much more...
  5. Preparation for holiday

    General T5 Chat
    First of many, many posts  We have recently bought a VW T5 (yipppppeeee and hooray!) We are planning on taking our van to the South of France for 2 ½ weeks in May / June time and I would love to know what the essentials non essentials are when you are planning and holidaying for that period of...
  6. Goodbye Ratrace ...... a new beginning.

    European and Foreign Travel
    Hi folks, I've had the pleasure of reading other members threads of their holidays abroad, but I don't think anybody' done a write up on immigrating abroad. As some of you may already know I've been planning a new life in France for quite some time, well the time has come ....... I've taken...
  7. Skiing In France??

    General Van Chat
    Hi there, Pretty new to the forum and posting a thread as I can't find any advice on a search... My husband is keen for us to travel with our 2 boys aged 3 and 5 to france skiing in March half term. We have already paid to stay in a chalet with 12 other family members which is self catering in...
  8. toll roads in france

    General T4 Chat
    Hello all I'm taking the bus down to the Ardeche in a couple of weeks with the family via the Newhaven to Dieppe ferry, Am going to take the toll roads down there as the N roads can be a nice drive but also quite slow. Just wanted to know if anyone has any idea of which are the expensive toll...
  9. Just a walk in the park ; )

    European and Foreign Travel
    "Allez Les Bleus" :mw:mw:mw:mw Next up, our old nemises ! .......... should be the Germans :( C'mon Algeria T: TURK
  10. Exporting a 1995 T4 Multivan to France

    Tax, Insurance & Licensing
    Hi, I am moving to France and want to take my Left Hand Drive 1995 T4 Multivan with me. It is UK registered but was originally registered in Germany. Because it is older than 1997 I dont think I can get a COC for it. Has anyone been through the process of importing a similar vehicle into...
  11. Calais to Disney

    European and Foreign Travel
    Hi I am looking to plan a trip to Euro Disney in the summer and I want to break the trip up a little. Ideally I want to find a few campsites on the way from Calais to Paris so that we can spend some time in other areas before our 2 days to DLP and then the same on the way back. Has anyone done...
  12. Camping in Brittany

    European and Foreign Travel
    Hi , looking to travel the west coast of Brittany and go further south if the weather is poor .We have all of June to play with .will probably use the ferry from Pymouth .Any cool/quite campsites to recommend ,guidebooks ?. We are also veggies ,so if any of you are like minded ,have you found...
  13. france road trip hints and tips

    General T4 Chat
    Hi everyone, Im planning on having a little road trip to the south of france, towards the end of march for 10 nights, I know the legal requirements over there, but can any one give me any little tips that will be useful along the way as it will be my first time driving out of the UK, my plan up...
  14. Winter tyres won't save you this time !

    General T4 Chat
    With the worst winter in 60 years predicted, seven foot snowdrifts are expected. Anyone here old enough to remember that !? Personally, I don't like the white stuff :( Thank God I'm moving down south ! ......... south of France that is :D TURK
  15. ** LOCKED OUT T5 2012 - South of France :(

    2nd day camping and only gone and locked my keys (inc spare) in my bus. 2012 T5 Caravelle Exec I have European breakdown, but apparently all NEW VW come with break down assist. So, I called VW assistance and they are sending someone out in the next hour. Trouble is the newer T5's are like...
  16. Where to stick headlight deflectors for a trip to France?

    General T4 Chat
    Can anyone help? Where for I need to stick the headlight deflectors on my headlamps for a trip to France? Is it here & here? :* Thanks in advance...
  17. Anyone stayed here in France? Les Sables d'Olonne - Camping La Dune des Sables

    Camping & Excursions
    Hi, Looking to venture over to the Vendee this summer for our family holiday (3 kids), and like the look of the campsite Camping La Dune des Sables. Has anyone stayed here before? Or do you know anywhere better in the area? Thanks
  18. Remapping masters in Italy, France, Belgium or Netherlands?

    Engine & Gearbox
    About to get a 1.9TDI 102HP I am Belgian but live in Italy. I constantly hear about PendlePerformance for the UK as the best. Is there any similar guru in Belgium, The Netherlands (verhoeventuning.nl maybe?) or even France The Transporter is not very popular in Italy but I see heaps of them in...
  19. 4th Edition of All the Aires France out soon discount offer.

    European and Foreign Travel
    The latest edition of the 'All the Aires France' book will be out in time for Christmas. Here is the link to the publishers website for a discount offer. https://www.vicarious-shop.com/Pre-Order-All-the-Aires-France-4th-edition.html It's probably the best book on the subject available to us...
  20. Alps in winter...anyone done it??

    General T4 Chat
    Thinking of driving to Chamonix in the French alps this winter and just after some words of wisdom from anyone who's done it. Im a competent driver and have confidence in my T4 but unsure about things like snow chains etc. Also, are the toll roads that frequent and expensive? Advice on nice...