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  1. Waeco CRX50 Fault

    Hi all, I have a problem with my Waeco CRX50 fridge that i can't find any information on. When i power it up, the internal LEDs (but not main fridge light) turn on for a fraction of a second and then turn off again. Nothing else happens, no compressor, no fan, no nothing. If i press the...
  2. Which small compressor fridge to buy?

    Camping & Excursions
    Looking at buying a compressor type (low power consumption) fridge. I don't want / need a large full size camping fridge, just summat to keep the milk, burgers and a few beers cold etc. Just wondering if anyone out there has any recommendations, preferably on the "affordable" side of the price...
  3. Waeco Fridge Won't Turn Off! Even though switch is at 0

    I have a Waeco Cool Matic CR 65 about 4 years old and it has just started to not turn off even when the dial is at 0. You can turn the dial clockwise and here the condenser click on and then off. But when you go back to it later, it's come on??? Anybody had a similar situation? Any...
  4. Webasto Cruise 49

    As per the title, on the look out for a Webasto Cruise 49 fridge for the van. Let me now if you have one to sell. Thanks
  5. Know a good service garage in Bristol?

    General T4 Chat
    Hi. I've got a '91 T4 camper and the fridge is dead, gas and electric. I need a recommendation for somewhere in Bristol to get it sorted out. (I live in West Bristol) Any recommendations, please?
  6. New Member - First T4 Conversion!

    T4 Conversions
    Hi, Recently started our first T4 conversion! So far, so good - although we seem to be having a few glitches with the sliding door :confused:. Rock & Roll bed, units etc. have all been ordered and should be arriving next week. Got to do the headliner, lighting/electrics too. We have...
  7. How to remove top-loading fridge

    Can anyone give me any advice on how to remove the top-loading Westfalia (Electrolux RC1140-1) fridge from the kitchen units in a T4 California? I'm having difficulty working out which trim and fasteners to unscrew. Here's the top of the fridge, with an arrow pointing to the (faulty) temperature...
  8. Door Seal for Dometic Rc1200 absorption fridge

    General Van Chat
    I have a second hand Dometic RC1200 and the lid seems to not close tight, there is no seal. I have looked at photos and videos of them and it appears it didn't originally have one anyway. I wonder if there is a benefit to fitting a seal to the door (lid/hatch/whatever it is called!). Has...
  9. Fridge for conversion waeco?

    T5 Conversions
    Hi all just cracking on with my lwb t5 conversions which I've been photographing all the way through (I'll bore you all with start to finish pics when she is done) anyway looking for a fridge and obviously the Waeco cr50 is top of list so can anyone advise cheapest place to purchase one or any...
  10. danfoss compressor fridge, thermal overload persists in clear air

    T4 Conversions
    Hello, first post, hopefully not doing it wrong?! i have a Waeco RPD 0040E 12v compressor fridge, bought recently second hand. fridge worked fine to start with, after a week (and the first drive) the compressor has ceased operation. internal light continues to function LED diagnosis gives 5...
  11. westy fridge help

    T4 Conversions
    Help! My T4 Westfalia eurovan has a three way top loader fridge, I say fridge its more of a box which should be a fridge. I believe the compressor has packed up, where is the best place to either get it repaired or replaced. Any feed back would be greatly appreciated Neil
  12. Dometic Mobicool B40 Hybrid Fridge/Freezer for sale

    Life Style
    We are selling our Dometic Mobicool B40 fridge/freezer due to wanting something a bit smaller we can keep in the van all the time. Bought this new last summer and have used it twice. Once on holiday for two weeks and then for a few days over Christmas as an extra freezer in our house. As you...
  13. Leisure battery issue

    Hi. I have recently bought myself a lovely t4 1.9td. It has a tv xbox fridge and lots of electrical sockets all fitted professionaly. My problem started out that when I switched the invertor on a red overcurrent light was on. The fan was running but no power to t.v. or fridge (Stella fridge). I...
  14. Fridge, heater, leisure battery in caravelle/multivan

    General T5 Chat
    So have you caravelle/multivan owners out there installed a fridge, overnight heater and leisure battery to your van? If so where have you fitted them so that you still have the flexibility of the rail seating and conversion to a bed? Thanks for any info. Pics would be good too T:
  15. Fridge flue

    T4 Conversions
    Hi I seem to be missing the straight tube and T shaped tube to complete the exhaust flue for my three way fridge. Ive had a look on google but can only find full kits which seem pricey and only needing the tube bits. Does anyone know of anywhere that i can get the bits individualy or any ideas...
  16. Electrolux FRIDGE RM4217

    New T4 Members Forum
    I have an Electrolux RM4217 3 way fridge. It wasn't working when I got the T4 (1994 Bilbos conversion) a month ago so I purchased a new 12volt switch and connected it but the fridgestill didnt work! I then tested the wiring and noted I had current to the Gas ignition switch but not to the 12...
  17. Can I use this fridge? it's cool

    T5 Conversions
    Hi out there, Do I have to use a camping style fridge in my van or can I use one of these stylish Smeg mini fridges? http://www.smeg.com/product/fab5ro/ Anyone using one? or any cooler alternative to the camping style fridges? (see what I did there)
  18. Mounting a Waeco CR50 on it's 'back'

    T5 Conversions
    Hi everyone, Im in the market for a fridge, i've read loads on here about top opening fridges compared to the standard Waeco CR50 and other variants. I would like a top opening hinged fridge & freezer, i can't seem to find a top opening fridge freezer. I Can't see any reason why the Waeco...
  19. Newby needing advice on refrigeration please :)

    T4 Conversions
    Hi all, We have recently purchased a 2001 T4 van, already got the fitted cupboards, wardrobe and a rock and roll bed :). Well tested this out at Bloodstock festival this weekend. Best I've felt returning from a festival ha ha. But we only used a 12v cooler, warm beers at the end of the...
  20. Fridge wanted

    Either a Waeco CR50 or a Penguin Frigo fridge, ex-demo or second hand, either way I'm not fussy, as long as its grey and it works. Cash waiting. Cheers Red5