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  1. Electrical
    Just bought my first camper van. It appears that the fridge and elections are only supported fully when running the van or the leisure battery. I'd like to get a set-up thatch run the fridge etc from the electrical hook-up available in most campsites. Where can I get this done in or near...
  2. Interior
    When I bought a rusty battered RM 212 Electrolux fridge my other half gave me a look like I was stark raving mad, she'd always wanted a posh fridge, but with a little tlc etc. and the wave of my magic spray can and hey presto, just got to go to maplin's now and pick up some new knobs and add the...
  3. T4 Conversions
    Has anyone got a vitrifrigo 12V fridge? I know most people seem to use Waecos but the CR50 is too deep and I don't want to step out my 40cm units. The Vitrifrigo dimensions seem to work better, and I think they use the same compressor. Thinking of c39i or a c42 T: anyone had any experiences...
1-3 of 4 Results