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front seats
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  1. Interior
    A simple question for someone! I bought a pair of front seats which I understood we’re from a post 1997 van, but they didn’t have the runners attached. I then bought runners from what I was told was a post 1997 van and they don’t fit! I know there is a difference between pre and post 1997 seat...
  2. Interior
    Hi Guys, This is my first post on here, recently acquired a LWB t5 59 plate. Both the drivers and passengers seat belt buckle when not in use falls all the way to the base of the seat belt. This is quite annoying as it means having to reach all the way down every time the seat belt is used. Am...
  3. Electrical
    Hi all, Can anyone advise me please. If I disconnect the wiring under my front seats (T5) Do I have to disconnect the battery first? I'm about to attempt the removal of that dreaded bulkhead fixing on the floor and every thread I've read says, remove front seats to create more working space...
  4. Wanted
    Hey there guys I'm after a bench seat and drivers seat for a 53 T4. If you have anything please give me a shout (if you can send me pics that would be great). Many thanks jenni
  5. Interior
    Howdy, I have purchased a LWB T5 with a bulkhead so the twin front seat is fixed, does anyone if you can convert it to a forward folding seat and what brackets you would need to order?
  6. Interior
    I have for sale a pair of ford galaxy seats with swivel bases in grey and blue ,clean no burn marks 100 pounds will post pics this evening when I have more time CALL on 07720641272 if interested .....thanks
  7. Parts For Sale
    Im looking to clear out garage ASAP (I got no room left!!) so- FOR SALE- Double Bench Seat with base (2x 3 point seatbelt- not older lapbelt/ folding type) Single Driver Seat (NO BASE and NOT captain) Both Inca pattern, very clean and mark free (No rips/tears/ burns/ stains etc etc.) & out of...
  8. Parts For Sale
    sold**sold**sold**sold**sold**sold :) :)
  9. Swap Shop
    Just converted my van to single front buckets & now have my Inca fabric Drivers & Double passenger seat (FULL 3 POINT SEATBELTS!!) up for swap. Both seats are first class condition, No rips, tears or burns. A:T: Drivers seat comes with runners only- base staying in van, and i've had to keep the...
1-9 of 9 Results