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  1. Front bumper replacement

    Bodywork & Exterior / Detailing & Valeting
    Hi all, I've an 04 T5 Kombi, 2.5 T32 and am going to replace the front bumper from the grey plastic one to a newer, colour coded one from a Caravelle/mulitvan. The one i've purchased is 2nd hand and comes with front parking sensors, my current bumper doesn't have them. My question is, as my van...
  2. Retrofitting Front Fog Lights To T4

    Hi. The previous article on here with photos of fitting front fog lights doesn't seem to load the images. Does anybody have instructions on fitting front fog lights to a 2001 T4 that never had front fog lights from factory? I have the cables and the fog lights. I don't have a relay in the...
  3. NEW REPAIR SECTIONS - Front Wings L & R

    Parts For Sale
    Good quality front wing repair panels for both N/S and O/S - no longer needed. £18 each (not including postage). Free collection from Arbroath area, or can arrange to post out.
  4. Early 3 piece front grill/panels

    VAG Parts For Sale
    Early 3 piece front grill/panels for sale - small crack in plastic grill and badge faded, otherwise in good condition. £15 (not including postage). Free collection from Arbroath area, or can arrange to post out.
  5. Anyone retro fitted front parking sensors?

    Hi all, I’m going to fit a 5.1 front bumper that has front parking sensors fitted and I’d like to wire them in. I have the loom that joins them all but that’s about it. I figure I’ll get an original switch for the dash that will replace one of the blanking plates. So has anyone retro fitted...
  6. Pair of T4 Captains seats one with swivel base

    Parts For Sale
    I bought these from a member on here until i could source a matching single seat for my lagoon blue caravelle which i now have, so these are up for grabs. They are in an aftermarket mauve kind of colour, the drivers seat is well worn through on the base, one of the armrests has a cap missing...
  7. Pair of genuine vw t4 caravelle rubber front floor over mats

    Parts For Sale
    sold and gone ! Thanks all
  8. T5 Facelift GP Zunsport front grille

    Customising / Modding
    Had my t5 since November and the conversion is now moving on. It's a 2011 140 LWB combi with full length factory windows in grey. Bodywork is factory colour coded. So far it's been lowered on Springs and going in next week for a Reimo roof, lining and caravelle rear bed/seat/rail conversion...
  9. VW Badge for front grill of early caddy van

    VAG Parts For Sale
    It is 4" in diameter and it has some slight pitting but overall it's in good condition. It's ideal for wrapping or colour coding for the front of any Caddy van. £8 posted to anywhere in the UK. If you want a pic PM me on here. Thank You Alex Red5
  10. Headlight switch for T5 - front & rear fogs

    VAG Parts For Sale
    Hi, I have a headlight switch that fits T5 vans that has both front and rear fogs switched from it. It plugs in nice and easy and the only wiring is to plug in the extra wires into the switch for your new front fogs when you fit them. £19 posted to anywhere in the UK. If you'd like a picture...
  11. Front seats, double & single

    Parts For Sale
    I need some of my garage space back & these are taking up too much! Standard single & double from a '98 T4 in inca pattern with bases £50 collected from Cambridge.
  12. Changing front wheel hub

    General T5 Chat
    I'm getting a drone from my driver side front wheel (t30 1.9 kombi 05) so after ruling out the tyres, i'm hoping it's the front hub bearing on it's way out. I've a general idea how to change it, just making sure if I need any special tools to do the change over? I managed to buy a new hub...
  13. Best seats for a T5 - Porsche? Mini? Anyone with experience please help

    Hi all! I'm at the stage of my conversion that I'm wanting to swap my front bench to 2 single seats and I know its the same old question but what's one of the easiest seats to mod for the T5 base and/or a swivel on the passenger side?? I previously had Saab seats in my T4 which were a bit of a...
  14. Irritating rattle cured by brake change!

    Steering & Suspension
    Like many T4 owners I've been plagued with front end suspension rattles, and over the past couple of years I've fitten new ball joints, arb bushes, arb links, track rods etc, and gradually the van has got quieter. But there was still a persistent clunky rattle from 'somewhere down there' which I...
  15. Double Front Seat T4 Inca

    Parts For Sale
    Hi, I have a double front seat in Inca for sale (non-folding). It is in good condition no rips in the fabric and very clean. Seat base has been painted with smoothrite. £45 o.n.o. Collection Only. Near Exeter, Devon.
  16. Double front Inca bench seat with base swap for single with base?

    Swap Shop
    Based in Bristol, but can travel! Comes with seat belts, good condition, base, etc. Wanting to swap for a single captains, with or without swivel, but with base. So I can get on with finishing my van interior! Cheers, Al
  17. Wanted - T4 Single seat (with or without base / swivel)

    I've got the driver side swivelled, but can't swivel it until I replace my bench seat with a single. Based in Bristol, but travel all over so can collect no probs. Happy to throw in double bench seat as part of the exchange if it helps. Anyone? Al.
  18. T4 drivers side front door

    Parts For Sale
    I have early T4 passenger side front door in Indian Blue for sale, good condition. £40
  19. T5 Drivers seat

    Parts For Sale
    I have for sale my drivers seat from an 05 T5. It is in great condition, only a little grubby, but nothing a clean won't sort out. The off side seat bolster is a little worn from getting in and out but the fabric is still perfect, no cig burns etc. It has height ajustment, lumbar support knob...
  20. Front seat inca

    FREE Stuff
    I have a spare seat going. It is the later inca pattern, has no base and no runners. The back rest foam cushion is split on one side bolster, so not very supportive on one side. The back rest cover is good but a bit grimy. The head rest is perfect, both the foam and the cover, but grimy...