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fuel consumption

  1. Fuel consumption on a 2003 t4

    General T4 Chat
    How many k's would i get out of an 2.5L automatic t4? I'm currently looking at buying a 2003 t4, just clocked over 110,000ks and is in really good nick. However i dont want to bite the bullet if the fuel consumption is heavy, I live rurally and its a pain in the as the only service station is...
  2. High fuel consumption after 2100 rpm

    Engine & Gearbox
    Drove last days about 1500 km and found out that my 2.5 tdi (axl, syncro) starting consume 2 times more diesel after 2100 rpm (with super loud motor sound). So I had to drive at ~80-85 km/h to keep it at 10-12 l/100 (which is still a lot I guess). Otherwise with 100 km/h it consumes about 20-25...
  3. pop top vs High top - real fuel economy differneces

    T5 Conversions
    Hi, I am thinking of getting a T5 and am pondering the eternal high top vs poptop question. In every post I read everyone throws out the fuel economy argument but it has never really been quantified. Being entirely nieve to vans could any give me a ball park figure what they think the increase...
  4. Strange noise at random times

    Engine & Gearbox
    T5.1 180 BHP BiTurbo 61 Reg , about 80000 miles, has started to make a very strange noise at random occasions.I don't even know how to best describe it. It's not a knocking or squealing but almost like a grunt. Seems to come from nearside front area. The first time I noticed it was going round a...
  5. VW T5 2.0 BiTDI Excessive Fuel Consumption

    Engine & Gearbox
    Recently Bought 2010 VW T5 Caravelle 2.0 BiTDI DSG. While driving on the motorway 75mph with cruise control car manages only 26mpg. In town driving is doing about 23mpg. Town is not too bad, but motorway mpg is very poor. What could be the causes? Car have 91000 miles, had engine replaced in...
  6. Fuel Mapping

    Engine & Gearbox
    Is it worth re-mapping the fuelling on my 2006 T5 even though I'm getting 40-45 mpg? I live in South Wales near Bristol, so if it's worth chipping Stan the Van, can anyone recommend a garage? Thanks all, Tony T:
  7. 1994 T4 KOMET 1968cc Petrol: Fuel consumption

    Welcome to The VW T4 Forums
    Hi there, I've just bought a 1994 T4 KOMET 1968cc Petrol, 72,000 miles on the clock. To my newbie's eye she seems to be in near perfect nick. However I've been very alarmed at its fuel consumption... on a long run averaging at 60 mph, she was doing at best 17 mpg. This seems to me like a very...
  8. 25mpg?

    Hi - My 2001 Caravelle 88hp 2.5TDI is returning about 25mpg. It has my work gear in the boot and that will be about 200kg. She still has the 8 seats. I generally keep the revs at 3200rpm. Should i be expecting more - What should I check/change to try and better this? Thanks! Rob
  9. Crafter fuel consumption

    LT & Crafter
    Hey there everybody, I just brought a 2007 MWB 2.5lt 80kw crafter van 140000kms on the clock. The first thing I nocited on the van was how bad the fuel consumption Was on it first run home, I really struggled to get 450 Kms out of a 70lt tank. The van felt under powered and like flat !!! On...
  10. Always forgetting to push choke in!!!!! Anyone Else???

    General T4 Chat
    Hello Just a quick one! I always forget to push choke back in! Does this ruin fuel economy or is that a myth?? :* If i dont use the choke, even on warm days, its a little jumpy in first gear and a little more noisy until warm, Normal. :confused: . Am i damaging engine by leaving out or by not...
  11. Difference in fuel comsumptin between engine size?

    General T5 Chat
    Hi, I'm looking at different T5 vans. One is a standard 1.9 and the other is a 2.5. My question is, what is the general thoughts for fuel economy between the two? I'm buying a van and fuel consumption is an issue. If its a case of 5mpg difference then I'd rather get the higher engine. Many...
  12. performance chipping

    Engine & Gearbox
    hi i had a dastek unichip fitted to my 2.5tdi syncro. this at steves auto clinic diesel upped kw from 75 to 90 and nm from 250 to 300:) how does this compare:confused: it definitely was worth it as you can really feel a difference in acceleration. fuel consumption good at over 10km per l:cool...
  13. T4 - poor fuel economy

    Just after some advice....have recently purchased a T4 campervan (not a high top) - the very powerful 1.9TD 68bhp 800 special. Was going for this for fuel economy rather than speed...although the slow acceleration is driving me mad!! However, I am only getting about 30 mpg or less. Did a recent...
  14. A Road Millage

    Hi, New to the forums, had a good luck through a lot of the fuel consumption threads, and as expected there are quite a lot of mixed responses, so im sure my question below isnt going to produce any cast iron answers but if anyone can offer some good advice it would be much appreciated. I have...
  15. better on fuel

    Engine & Gearbox
    hi all im looking for some ideas on what i can do to make my 2.0ltr petrol lwb t4 be better on fuel. i just seam to be filling it up alot, does anyone know of any good little mods which may help me cos i really dont want to sell her :(
  16. 1.9 or 2.5 for fuel consumption?

    General Technical
    Hi We are located on Somerset and looking to purchase a T4, preferably 2000 onwards and ideally a 5 seat option. We have heard that the 1.9TDi is far more 'thirsty' than the 2.5TDi. Can anyone clarify this please? Also, any other sites to lok at apart from Ebay/Piston Heads/ this one? Many thanks.
  17. T4 Fuel Consumption List

    T4 Articles & Information
    The following published data consists of combined (that is, average) fuel consumption figures derived from data collected during Type Approval test cycles on empty passenger vehicles, so they have little or no value in the "real world" - they are used merely as reference points to compare with...
  18. T4 CO2 Emissions List

    Tax, Insurance & Licensing
    For Car Tax purposes here is a list of published CO2 and country cycle fuel economy figures that simulates normal driving as close as possible. These figures, initially published in 1996 (six years before they had to), are derived from data collected during Type Approval test cycles on...