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fuel guage
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  1. General T4 Chat
    hello can anyone help me i need a replacement speedo cluster for my 1998 t4 i have no fuel gauge temp gauge or speedo or if any one noes were i can get a elmos 10417a dash board driver from thanks chris
  2. Electrical
    Hello guys! I've just put my 1992 2ltr petrol t4 back on the road and I went too put £40 of fuel in and normally that would give me 1/2 a tank but this time it only gave me 1/4 of a tank? anyone got any idea of what could be up?
  3. General Technical
    My girlfriend has an N reg caravelle, SWB, 1.9 straight diesel. Just a few niggley problems.. 1) Temp sensor doesn't work/is very tempermental.. 2) Fuel gauge is either showing completely full or empty. But the temp sensor & fuel gauge only work together, could it be a fuse or something? I like...
  4. Electrical
    right, i got my 93 2.4 and it has the usual non working temp guage(fuel guage works tho) so i set about the guage fix(thanks rod vwT:) some one had been in before me to do it, so i tidy'd it up but no joy, still no temp guage:(, got a set of clocks from the scrappy, did the fix, again, no joy...
1-4 of 4 Results