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fuel tank
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    Hi All Have not been able to start Mae (my T4!) she fires up ok then just dies. Like there is no fuel getting through. No fuel in the filter and no fuel flowing out of filter outlet pipe ... but having only just put £70 of fuel in it a week ago I know I haven't done the common girlie thing of...
  2. General Technical
    so i took the van to North Wales this weekend with the bike in the back. this does usually slow her down so was happily plodding along at 60. about an hour from my destination my fuel gauge just creeps up to full. Thinking it had failed and they fail reading full i put £40 of diesel in. taking...
  3. Engine & Gearbox
    Good evening my fellow transporter lovers. The Beast doesn't want to start when fuel getting just below a quarter of a tank, thought I might have a leak on or it was how I park the van at night thinking all fuel running back in to the tank. Anyway I did a google search which brought the forum up...
  4. Engine & Gearbox
    Hi there just fitted a replacement engine to my 2001 van and no diesel coming to the injector pump.I primed the injector pump and engine fired and ran for some time .I had thought it was ok but it died and no fuel coming again.So is there a fuel pump in the tank that could be at fault it was...
  5. General T5 Technical
    How much of a gap is there between the top of the fuel tank and the floor?
  6. Parts For Sale
    Got three sets of these off deliver mileage vans and will fit T5 and T5.1 as they use the same fuel tank. £20 Inc. Postage £20 Inc. Postage
1-6 of 6 Results