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full width bed
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  1. Interior
    Morning, I've got far to much time on my hands as I've broken my ankle and can't drive for six weeks!. Only one thing for it, buy loads of bits for the van and change the interior! Has anyone got any photos of their full width rock and roll beds with the back doors open? What can you carry...
  2. Interior
    Have you got any recommendations for a 3 seatbelt full width rock n roll or pull out bed? I can't afford eg Reimo Variotech or RIB. At the other end of the scale are eg Cannon's Forge that cheap for a reason? What would be a good mid price, safe and comfy one to go for? thank you! Hannah
  3. T5 Conversions
    After reluctantly selling our T4 California (westfalia) we lasted 6 months without a van then put a cheeky bid on a T5 carvalle and won it! We presumed we would convert it westy style (side conversion, captains chairs etc) then on picking it up we discovered it's a twin slider.... This has...
1-3 of 3 Results