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  1. T5 Conversions
    Hello all. Does anyone know where I can buy lightweight ply and bamboo sheets in the Poole / Portsmouth area ? (that doesn't require a trade account). I'm collecting my van this weekend and have the opportunity to get some while I'm there rather than try to get 8x4 sheets shipped to Jersey...
  2. T5 Conversions
    Hi all Fitting an evomotion design 2.4 into my t5 and can’t get the wardrobe section to fit tight against the van, the top third is fitting tight but as you get lower it sits away from the van has anyone else had this problem? Cheers
  3. FREE Stuff
    I've finished my conversion and have left over some bits including the router templates I made for all the doors. I must stress I made these myself so not perfect but they are pretty good and the doors came out extremely well Happy to let them go to another DIY converter to assist/save you a...
  4. T5 Conversions
    Has anyone come up with a good alternative to the lightweight furniture board that everyone seems to use? It seems like it is the most popular option, with the grooved hammer on plastic edge pieces so I imagine it's pretty quick and easy to build, but I'm trying to design something a little more...
  5. LT & Crafter
    Hi all, we just finished second phase of our Crafter conversion into a camper, although to be fair, we got this part done professionally, so I had 3-4 weeks off from DIY :) I thought I'd post a couple of pictures and a link for full write-up in anyone is interested.. This is what we started...
  6. Special Offers
    This Monday's special is an ex-demo LWB T5 Classic deluxe kit in Puntinella, with tambours, and cutouts/space for a CR50 fridge and Smev9222 RH sink. All for the bargain price of £749… (RRP £949) -sweet! Only 1 in stock so first come first serve! For this week only we are also offering 10% off...
  7. T5 Conversions
    Has anyone got any pics of their furniture layout with a NAT Systems bed in the back please? The beds are great, but I am about ready to go ahead with the cupboards but want some inspiration as to the layout. Cheers in anticipation
  8. T4 Conversions
    Just had my rock and roll bed fitted, now I need to build my furniture,I'm not after the standard style of units,so need something built,so does anyone know of anyone near Bristol or that can deliver,to make some units for me from my design?
  9. T5 Conversions
    My conversion so far I've been getting worked up as I need to start building my furniture pronto, having had the van for a year and it's still no more than insulated/carpetted/floored/electrified/bedded. This means I need to finish off by building the furniture and gas fitting. Building my...
  10. Welcome to The VW T4 Forums
    Just had furniture and bed fitted in my T4 by Evolution Campervan Interiors, just want to say what a fantastic job Chris did, units are top quality and look the dogs!! anyone looking to have furniture fitted would highly recommend them
  11. T5 Conversions
    EVO Design, formally known as Green Dog Campers (based in Ireland) are happy to announce we have recently moved to England. Doing conversions and flat pack units for many years in Ireland, we have moved near Poole and are supplying nationwide. We do conversions based on our set designs the...
  12. T5 Conversions
    Hey Guys, We’re just looking for a little feedback on this prototype design. As you may know, we also provide kitchen pods under the name Camper Pamper (www.camperpamper.com) and we’re looking to develop a unit for use as a centre console that will sit snugly between the seats in a T4 or T5...
  13. Conversions & Customisation
    Hey campers! We have now successfully converted three vans to a new, higher standard. We are now offering this to all VW Forum users, regardless of the model - T4 or T5, and we offer standard layouts as well as custom layouts, designed in-house to your requirements by 3D software. We are using...
  14. General Van Chat
    Hello all, We are nearly at the end of our van coversion. Tidy transporters in Leicestershire have sorted the interior carpeting, bed and electrics. We now need the furniture/storage unit. We have been offered a second hand one from a T5 converted by SW Campers in Devon about 4 yrs ago. We...
  15. T5 Conversions
    Hi, I'm looking at getting a t5 in the next few weeks. Me and a mate who's a carpenter are going to turn it into a camper. The eBay self build kits aren't at all nice looking. Any ideas where I can get furniture in the Stockport/Manchester area?
1-15 of 18 Results