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  1. Dash lights

    I have recently bought a T5 from a local car dealer. I have a couple of issues I would like advice on please! I have no speedo lights, heater panel lights but do have speed, temp, petrol, red arrows lighting up! Is it fuse? Is it light intensity switch? Is it bulbs? Help Please.
  2. Anyone selling a fuseboard?

    Hi looking for a fuseboard for our T4 888 Special x:) 2.5 tdi if anyone has a working one for sale let me know Cheers :)
  3. fuse location and rating from owner manual

    listed are the location of fuses including under bonnet fuses, fuses under drivers seat and main under-dashboard fuses including fuses for optional extras 2.5 tdi owners manual. printed march 2001
  4. Below the fusebox!

    Hello folks, Apologies for a help request being one of my first posts, but hopefully I can return the favour in the near future. I bought a 1999 SWB T4 a few months ago and am now in the process of sorting out all those little things that you know aren't quite right and niggle away at you...