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  1. Electrical
    Hello All. I'm about to start wiring in a very basic Leisure battery set up with the battery under the drivers seat and fuse box and other items under the single passenger seat. I'm a bit confused about the use of a BusBar and where i should locate it.. any recommendations ?? I'm initially...
  2. Electrical
    Hey t4 fans! My question is if anybody out there knows if a 1994 t4 2.5 Petrol wiring is the same as a diesel. The problem is that when i was welding some rust my t4 petrol took fire and i didn't manage to extinguish it in time. The fusebox and all cables to the dashboard got melted (all cables...
  3. Electrical
    OK here is the story so far, About a year ago i had a recurring flat battery, it turned out to be the aux pump and the silly temp sensor, so i change the temp sensor and all seemed to be ok. A few moths later and my battery went flat after a few days, i had the battery checked and a new...
  4. Electrical
    Can anyone tell me what these fuses are for? I'd like to know all of them but specifically the green 30 amp fuse in the bottom left of this cluster has blown out. This is a 1995 Eurovan Camper CV. Much appreciated. Guesses welcome.
  5. Electrical
    listed are the location of fuses including under bonnet fuses, fuses under drivers seat and main under-dashboard fuses including fuses for optional extras 2.5 tdi owners manual. printed march 2001
  6. Parts For Sale
    Mains hookup box - neat and small. One trip out unit and about as small as you can get, so perfect for campervans. Used but good working order. £15 delivered to UK address