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  1. Fresh Air Blower help

    General Van Chat
    Hi All A quick bit of background. I recently purchased a 2010 T5, the previous owner said that the blowers stopped working a few weeks before he sold it to me. All other electrics work perfectly. I'm getting no power to the blower or power from the control switch on all settings. Checked all...
  2. T5 2005 AC / recirculation button not working

    General T5 Technical
    Hi, So I just bought my first t5 and now when it's summer it would be nice with some cold air. The thing is that the button doesn't light up, can't feel any cold air. I suspected some fuse is bad but all of them seems to be fine. I might have missed a fuse because I have no way to tell which...
  3. Right Click Central Locking Blowing Fuses

    Hi, I installed the right click central locking kit and took my time, checked it along the way and bought the genuine door bellows. Seemed to be fine but the fuse blew after half a dozen uses. So I had another go at connecting the live and earth, live is to kl30 on the fuse box and earth is on a...
  4. T5 Transporter Relay and fuse diagram

    Hi Can anyone show me an image of what all the fuses and relays do in the T5 174 please? I believe there's a group of relays under the battery under the engine bay, and also under the passenger seat. Cheers, James
  5. All Dashboard Lights are not working???! Help!

    Help needed please! I have a very dark dash display at present - looks rather like I'm suffering from a black-out! The speed and rev numbers / rings are dark, as are the heater controls and all other dials in the centre of the dashboard. Bizarrely, the red needles on speedo / revs etc. all...
  6. Which amp fuse to use?

    Can anyone tell me what amp fuse is needed for the reverse parking sensors on a 2005 t30 2.5tdi? Can anyone also confirm that it is slot 8 on the bottom set of fuses? Many thanks :*
  7. Fuses and things alien

    I have uploaded my fuse boxes layout for information,;) T5 LWB 2006 bonnet by battery, top inside below dash centre, and lower for use or comment. T. (in my photo album)I:
  8. Non Starting 2.5 TDI - Glow Plug Light Dead

    Engine & Gearbox
    Morning all 1998 2.5 TDI (102) ACV Engine. My Missus called me last night to say that "Stan won't start, can you fetch me?" Been and had a quick look this morning and see that the Glow Plug lamp on the dash doesn't come on. Engine turns over fine and appears that everything else is ok...
  9. Fuse 19 (radiator fan/air con) drawing 500mA when vehicle off!

    Been having some flat battery issues recently, it would go flat after 3-5days, but would charge up fine after jumping it, and would start fine if only left for a couple of days. So I investigated, and found that whatever the circuit off fuse 19 is, was drawing about 500mA, which I guess would...
  10. Alternator Stress - can anyone help, keep breaking down!

    Hi all, I broke down on the motorway the other week and it took half a day and £50 to get AA to relay me back home. Then on top of that I knew the alternator had failed as battery dash light stayed on and we had to get a jump start twice! I managed to get the van home and jacked up and...
  11. starting problem.. glow plugs???

    i have a problem starting my 1.9d when cold. i only have it come around this time of year when the temp starts to drop i also get it at the end of the day when coming home from work. the van turns ove but just doesn't fire. i have spoken briefly to vw and they say its prob the glow plugs my...
  12. fuse location and rating from owner manual

    listed are the location of fuses including under bonnet fuses, fuses under drivers seat and main under-dashboard fuses including fuses for optional extras 2.5 tdi owners manual. printed march 2001
  13. COOLING FANS NOT WORKING - 2.5 Petrol 1992

    General Technical
    Hi All, My cooling fans are not coming on....help needed. I allow the temp gauge to reach 3/4 and still no sign of the fans kicking into life. I have checked no19 fuse (30A blade fuse) and the 2 fuse's behind the passenger head light (50A). I have also replaced both temp senders, I'm sure...
  14. key to relays on 2002 2.5TDI - help please?

    General Technical
    Hi i've just bought a 2002 2.5TDI-102 LWB high-roof. ex-fire brigade bright red ;-). my first VW since an X-reg T25 when i was a kid! all great but the flasher relay has gone. the handbook and the brooklands workshop manual both give fusebox layout but no key to the relays. and for some...