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garage recommendation

  1. Engine & Gearbox
    Hi Guys, Can anyone recommend a good garage in the south Wales area to get a head gasket done. Just had a test done and it looks like its on its way:( My Van is a 06 T5 1.9 Thanks is advance J
  2. General Van Chat
    Just bought a 1992 T4 that has not been serviced in several years and needs a fair few jobs doing on bodywork and engine. Assuming we should use a real specialist outfit first time around at least, anyone got any suggestions? We're in SE London but willing to cross town for the right people...
  3. Engine & Gearbox
    well it was gonna happen eventually.... bought my 2.5 102 TDI, four years ago with 60k on the clock and a slightly tricky 5th gear, now its on 105k and the clutch is on the way out..:( so the question is rebuild or replace??? a recon box would be great but is it necessary? it feels like the...
  4. Engine & Gearbox
    My 2.5 tdi diesel T4 went bang on New Years day:( As I am not a mechanic and my knowledge of this sort of thing was not good. Should I buy a recon engine or rebuild? I looked around, to see if I could get it fixed local (as I did not want to get it put on a trailer and send away to get...
  5. Engine & Gearbox
    I just wanted to offer my thanks to good service to Glenn at Motech in Poole. They replaced the tdi 2.5 engine in my T4 and the summer is waiting.. So if anyone needs an engine change etc I can recommend them CheersT:
  6. General T5 Technical
    Hi All, Just joined the T5 gang a few months ago and have been reading about DMF issues. I get juddering (and slight knocking) when i turn the wheel going slowly and also when I dry steer. Occasionally there is some juddering when I accelerate up a hill and especially when i reverse (up a...
  7. General T5 Chat
    Hello, As part of my mid-life crisis, I have brought a VW T5 Kombi.T: I have just moved between Chicester and Bogner Regis and I am looking for a good specialist garage to take my vehicle for a service. Any ideas? :*
  8. New T5 Members Forum
    Hello fellow T4/5-ers, Just to say Hi - have owned a T5 Caravelle for just under 4 years (first motor I ever bought from new !) and I must say it has been an awesome beast ! I went for the 130PS, which I think was a mistake, as I'm now of the opinion that more power would have meant less wear on...
  9. General T5 Chat
    Hello all I am having a few probs with my T5. Can anyone recommend a good garage in the Lancaster area?
  10. New T4 Members Forum
    Hi all, I am a new VW T4 owner and have stumbled across your VERY useful site! I took a chance and bought a T4 with no MOT (meant I could beat the seller down to make it within my price range) On way to garage it conked out!! Lost power, horrid screeching noise, burning rubber smell and white...