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gas fitting

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  1. T5 Conversions
    Really after some help please regarding connecting the gas to my Smev/Dometic 9722 hob sink combo Im not doing things the normal way with a big gas bottle, I’m using a ‘highlander ‘ adapter for screw on camping gas canisters. I won’t be using the stove/sink much...mainly it’s just to comply with...
  2. T4 Conversions
    I thought about plugging in the Gas cooker myself. Then I got a little paranoid - what with having my 8 month and 3 year old girls in the van and me being a useless **ck when it comes to all things Gas | Water | Electrical So I had Alistair at www.avcamperconversions.co.uk do the job for...
1-2 of 2 Results