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  1. Help for newbie?

    Hi all, I have a few of questions about mods that have been driving me nuts lately: I've recently replaced the hazard warning light on my 1999 1.9TD T4 (ABL engine) and put a Passat switch in. I've found that this is flashing when i use the indicators and wondered if this is normal? I've never...
  2. Engine/Coolant Temp Level

    General T5 Technical
    Hi Guys, Had my T5.1 a week now and can't fathom out if I'm being thick or not. It only has the lowline DIS installed, but I have no way of seeing the engine/coolant temperature. Looked in the book and it shows a dash pod with a needle gauge inside the rev clock but I have nothing. Does a...
  3. My T4 is doing 200Km per hour

    Interesting fault in 1998 T4 2.5 petrol manual. Whilst driving today I noticed that the Tacho was slowly creeping up and the speedo was staying constant. After a few minutes the speedo started to creep up as well. The traffic was doing a reasonably constant speed of 80 km/h but my speedo kept...
  4. T5 1.9PD Boost Gauge

    General T5 Technical
    As someone addicted to little projects, I wanted to install a boost gauge to my van. Now, I know the theory, tap a vacuum hose with a T-piece after turbo, but before manifold and run it through to the CAB; or drill the manifold and install a self-tapping nipple. I don't want to do the...
  5. install fuel warning sensor

    Engine & Gearbox
    Hi all! I have a 2.5 TDI 102ps from '97 with no fuel warning sensor. Had it for 6 years without sensor and wanted to install it now. Did anybody do it? Difficult/expensive? Cheers dan
  6. OBD2, EOBD, and other gauges

    General T5 Technical
    Heya all. I started a thread recently about the Ultragauge device my father bought me for Christmas, but probably wasn't very specific. I want to know if the T5s are OBD compliant in any way. The Ultragauge simply didn't work in my 2005 1.9 T28 104 Trendline. I've seen pictures on this forum...
  7. Ultra gauge and OBD II

    General T5 Technical
    Hey all. So I got an Ultragauge gadget for Christmas from my old man. http://ultra-gauge.com/ultragauge/index.htm Quite a cool idea, I thought, and I'm quite keen to have L/h, MPG, boost, % load, and a whole host of other info displayed live. My only problem is that it doesn't work with my...
  8. Aftermarket Temperature Gauge

    Right then, Im going to fit an aftermarket temperature gauge. I really like the nice light up green ones off ebay but i guess id be better getting the proper VDO one. Just Kampers sell one for £35...
  9. aftermarket guages

    Has anyone fitted aftermarket fuel and temperature gauges to a T4, more specifically the 2.4d. I had the usual problems which as some people know resulted it overheating and a full engine rebuild. I've since tried repairing the joints and also replaced the sensors. No joy So I replaced the...
  10. weird stuff happening

    General T5 Technical
    T5 130 Auto LWB Shuttle SE. Sole owner 270k. Experienced this morning failure of both electric front windows to function the one touch deal. Had to hold the button down (and up) both sides. After about 10 mins 1 x came back on then the other. Also, for some time I've been having the fuel gauge...
  11. Gauges will not light after replacing bulbs

    replaced illuminating bulbs in t4 gauges but have no illumination of gauges, can someone tell me where i may have a problem or can somebody please tell me how to get the gauges to be illuminated at night. i was sure when i turn on the side lights the gauges should be lit but i may be wrong, any...
  12. Temperature gauge / sensor

    Engine & Gearbox
    I bought my van (1.9 td) just over a year ago and the temp gauge on the dash was working fine and the temp was showing 90 consistently. After a couple of weeks it stopped working and i didn't do anything about it. A couple of months ago i was fiddleing around in the engine and i wiggled a few...