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  1. T5.1 140bhp “clunk” when selecting 1st gear

    Engine & Gearbox
    Hi, new to the forum so apologies in advance for anything I may have missed. Noticed recently that there’s a slight clunk felt through the floor when selecting 1st gear at a stand still (but before lifting the clutch). If I then knock it out of gear then back in again there’s no clunk - seems to...
  2. "Stirring Coal"

    LT & Crafter
    Hi everyone, just registered. I have just bought my first ever van, a Crafter 109 MWB high top, I plan to convert it into a camper. The van is 2013 and has 79,000 miles on it. It seems to be in great condition and drives well except for one thing, that being the gear change is like stirring...
  3. Large fracture crack in the gearbox?

    Welcome to The VW T4 Forums
    Hey guys. I'm new to this so please bare with me. I have a 1996 volkswagon transporter t4 1996 commuter van that is now a camper van. Lately it's been having a few problems, first coolant leak (now fixed) slight oil leak under eith where I think the gearbox is. And NOW I'm having break fluid...
  4. Shudder in T5 130bhp - gearbox problem?

    Engine & Gearbox
    Hello there I have a 2006 T5 2.5l TDi 130bhp (145k miles). The engine ceased a few months ago, shortly after putting petrol in instead of diesel (duh). I posted about this previously - ended up having the engine completely remanufactured for the princely sum of £3,700 (they also replaced the...
  5. HELP Popping out of reverse gear

    Welcome to The VW T4 Forums
    Please Help I have a T4 k reg 1992 2.4 diesel. that wont stay in reverse gear, you cant hold it in as it still pops out Is this a gearbox problem or may bee selectors? any feed back would be much appreciated as MOT comes up in 5 weeks. If it gear box do you think its time she went to the T4...
  6. two van man

    Welcome to The VW T4 Forums
    Hi new to this, can anybody please help K reg 92 -93 2.5 desil pops out of reverse gear, my mechanic changed the reverse lever (VW Part V701711 202) and some washers but no improvement. Can we try any thing else or is it a new gearbox.
  7. No Reverse

    Engine & Gearbox
    had a slight prang recently witch seems to have conked my reverse into outer space, the forward 5 are all fine work and go in with no problem, but reverse just wont select, seems like there's something stopping it, does any one have any ideas what it is? or how to solve it? or is my gear box...