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  1. T4 Nightmare-engine damage following cam belt failure-advice appreciated!

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    Hi This is a pretty brutal story-i'll try to keep it short and would welcome anyones advice. Me and my girlfriend spent all our savings to buy our first VW last year. 1999 lwb 2.5 t4 Only 65,000 on the clock, great body, spent a million hours lovingly converting it ready for euro trip 2016...
  2. abl gearbox engine mount lug broken

    Engine & Gearbox
    looking for some advice about my 1.9td . developed slight gearstick movement on lifting clutch which has now got worse , went for a look see and discovered the rear lug on the gearbox (for engine mount) has broken at the top :eek: is there a repair for this , thanks for any replys T:
  3. Wanted - T4 Lower Gearbox Mount (Pendulum Rod)

    Hi all, I'm on the lookout for a lower gearbox mount for my 2.5 (102) T4 VW Part no. 701399207B 'Pendulum Rod', item 8 on following picture. The non-replaceable bush is knackered on mine and the engine is wobbling around. Anyone got one lying around or know where I can get one cheap? Thanks,T: Andy