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glove box
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  1. Interior
    Hey guys, I've recently acquired my first T5 (whoop whoop!) which I'm in the process of doing up; and like many posts I've read on the forum I've got a glove box that has a busted catch, no lock, the bits that actually hold it in place are no longer connected to anything so you have to just pull...
  2. Interior
    wondered if anybody could tell me what the box in the top right hand corner of the glove box is??? It has a removable blank in the front which i thought might be to accommodate a courtesy light; if anybody could confirm this for me it would be great The reason i ask is because i'm looking for...
  3. Interior
    Having struggled to do this yesterday, this might be of help to someone else. 1. Remove the grab handle from the A pillar on the passenger side. The cover of the handle comes off if you pries it with a flat blade screw driver. There are 2 hex bolts to unscrew. 2. Remove the dashboard...
1-3 of 3 Results