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glow plug light

  1. Flashing glow plug lamp

    General T5 Technical
    Hi I am about to buy my first T5, I test drove the one I am interested in yesterday (its a 2012 102bhp with 96,000 miles on the clock) and the glow plug warning light was flashing, apparently it has been checked but there isn't a fault code coming up to say what the problem is, I drove for about...
  2. 1.9 ABL Wont start, Battery and parking light stays on with no key in?

    General Technical
    T4 1.9TD ABL 2001, Hi, my van turns over but wont start, the glow plug light dosn't come on but the parking light and battery lights stay on without the key in the ignition! I have already changed the glow plug relay and checked the fuses. After a search in the internet I found that prehaps it...
  3. 00626 - Glow Plug Indicator Light. please help guys.

    hi there guys, im in need of some help from the electrical wizards out there. i have this fault code 00626 - Glow Plug Indicator Light (K29) 31-10 - Open or Short to Ground - Intermittent and cant shift it. the wires over the rocker are all ok. i have 5 volts out if the loom to pin 13 on the...
  4. Flashing glowplug light when crusing on motorway

    Engine & Gearbox
    Hi all, Ok so driving about town, A & B roads all is well, but when driving on motorway 70mph, the van gets a flashing glow plug light too frequently?? Has anyone had & resolved the same problem? Have had the van checked with a fault reader recently but nothing came up.. Have read the forums...
  5. stuck in france! exhaust gas warning lamp

    New T5 Members Forum
    Hello all, I am new to this forum and this is my first post. I have already use it to gain a wealth of information and am very grateful it exists! the van: 2006 t5 swb 2.5l 150,000miles no engine mods. a couple of months ago we purchased the van in england (we are from australia). we...
  6. High Level Brake Light

    Hi All, My 99 Caravelle has a socket at the top of the tailgate window that delivers 12V when the brake pedal is depressed, so I'm assuming it's for a high level brake light. It obviously doesn't have one fitted. Would the absence of this light be a cause for glow plug light flashing? I know...
  7. glow plug relay

    General T4 Chat
    van glow plug light is on and although van will start its very lumpy. intermittent fault think it might be the relay(friend diagnosed not me) where is it on a 2.5t4 ?? how do i change it. ican swap with another vw t4 2.5 to disprove or prove help please did a search but didnt come up
  8. Info from elsawin, changing glow plugs

    Engine & Gearbox
    Hi, I hope someone can help me here. I'm looking to change the glowplugs in my T5 2.5 130, but I open the bonnet and see nothing but problems!! Does anyone have Elsawin with instructions on how to replace them? I have done them on other vehicles before, but the T5 seems more complicated...
  9. starting problem.. glow plugs???

    i have a problem starting my 1.9d when cold. i only have it come around this time of year when the temp starts to drop i also get it at the end of the day when coming home from work. the van turns ove but just doesn't fire. i have spoken briefly to vw and they say its prob the glow plugs my...
  10. intermittent problem

    General Technical
    every so often (becoming more often) I can be driving my 2.5tdi 88bhp and the heater plug light (coil on dash) briefly lights up, and when it does the van drops power - instantly. does anyone know what this might be? ta James
  11. brake light switch

    hi have glow plug light flashing which starts after about 5 seconds whether vehicle is running or ignition is on i have read the posts about brake lights being a possible cause both brake lights are working with double fillament bulbs fitted can the switch still be faulty if both lights are...