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  1. Electrical
    Updated from an earlier post: T4's been on the drive for a fortnight - turning over but refusing to fire up. – No live feed going to ECU – No 12v or 5v going to sensors. – No glow light I've subsequently : – Replaced the 109 & Glow Plug relay – Checked all fuses – Replaced the black and...
  2. Electrical
    Hi i'm wondering if this is a common thing or if there is an easy fix! My headlights glow slightly when the engines running on my p reg t4 when the sidelights are on. My sidelights come on, on there own then the headlights glow slightly. I have replaced my sidelights with led bulbs and its still...
  3. Electrical
    Hey all, Just a quick question im sure its somewhere on the forum but i havent managed to come across it yet. Vansee is giving me abit of grief atm, shes a 2.4d r reg, glow plug light is working, batterys all fine 12v 14.5 running etc, so no worries there. AA came out today and the easy...
  4. General Technical
    hi, how do I bleed the coolant system on a 1.9td please? did the glow plugs on my t4 today. first time I'd done it on a t4...seriously tricky! anyway...thought the sensor with wires was getting in the way so pulled out the circlip and removed it...very silly! lost the coolant. have now done an...
1-4 of 4 Results