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  1. Interior
    Hi I'm trying to locate a source for Trim-Fix High Temp adhesive or similar that actually ship outside UK? The only adhesive I found so far in Sweden is 3m but the price i ridiculously high, so another brand is necessary to keep the cost down. I've tried to figure out the manufacturer of...
  2. Interior
    Im about to start putting in some wooden batons across the floor to screw a ply surface onto. Is it best to screw the batons into the corrugated van floor or can i just use 'no nails' or something similar? If screwed, should i use some kind of sealant to prevent water getting in? Should i prep...
  3. General Technical
    Hello all This is my first post so hoping for some help.... I have a 1996 T4 and the black seal around the pop top is hanging off. Having already tried to glue it with no success I wondered if anyone has suggestions i.e. if there is a particular glue that would work or any tips. Thanks:confused:
  4. Bodywork & Exterior / Detailing & Valeting
    My wheel arches don't have any plastic or covering inside the wheel arch to prevent road noise, stones, rust etc. Anybody put carpet in their wheel arches or is there some better material to use? If you have, how did you attach it to the arch?
  5. General T4 Chat
    Best glue for rubber window trims side windows Hi all the window seals on my aftermarket rear side windows when fitted were probably put on too tight and now they have been in for a few years they have shrunk slightly and split at the point where they were glued together, anyone recommend a...
  6. Interior
    Not used the van during the week, just found the rear view mirror on the floor. Presumably the glue has failed in this week's heat - anyone else had the same? Whole thing has come away from the ceramic spot on the screen. Any recommendations on adhesive before I reach for the Super Glue? :*
  7. Interior
    Hey guys, anyone used coloured rubber flooring tiles in their van? Looking at this stuff which I really like, I'm converting and laying it onto 9mm ply floor. The van will get lots of muddy boots, muddy dog, sand, clear and salt water and general outdoor stuff in it, with a mountain bike...
  8. Interior
    I've found an interesting How To documentation for insulation with Trocellen (http://www.gaskutsche.de/tipps_isolierung_x_fish.php) that is similar to the X-treme Isolation sold by Reimo (http://www.reimo.com/de/M50015-reimo_x_trem_isolator/). The documentation is in german but it shouldn't be...
  9. Interior
    Hi I'm about to start carpeting the ply panels (around 20 mins) anyone give me tips for this. eg. Should I just glue the edges before i bend then over then tack the carpet on? Should I glue the entire board before i put the carpet on - edged and middle Should I gluve the carpet...
1-9 of 9 Results