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grab handle
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  1. Interior
    Hi folks. Any tips on adding grab handle on b pillar - Kombi van Need help getting old folks in and out without a fork lift. Seems I may be able to remove trim, locate some mythical bolt holes adjacent to seat belt slider, and fit a standard handle via bolts (without brackets). Aletrnate may be...
  2. Interior
    Hi all Kinda hoping someone can help ? I've just got home with what I thought ... the dealer had supplied me as Caravelle 'B' pillar handle brackets ! Turns out there the upper roof lining drop down brackets for the caravelle !! Can anyone supply the part numbers for the two 'B' pillar brackets...
  3. General T4 Chat
    I saw a frineds van the other day and it had a grab handle on the pillar where the passenger seat belt is B pillar I think. I see mine has captive nuts for this I assume. It looks to be a bit longer than the one you see on the a pillar by the windscreen. Anyone any ideas where to get one or...
  4. Parts For Sale
    2 x A pillar grey plastic trim without grab holes for sale £25 posted or £20 collected from Bristol
  5. Interior
    I've just bought a N/S Side Loading Door Grab Handle Kit from VW but after Fitting found the Pillar Trim Doesn't cover the Mounting plate, is this because I need the Caravelle Trim as well as my van only has Bulkhead Trim......Any Thoughts?:confused:
  6. Interior
    Hi all, After a long time lusting, I am finally the proud owner of a T5 (2010) but my dreams were clouded when, alas, I went to climb in to my lovely new hot thing, reached up to the a-pillar and... there was nothing there! I have read many threads thanks to the kind folk on this forum and...
  7. Wanted
    As the part has now been discontinued I'm hoping somebody may have a grab handle for the B Pillar of a T4 which goes just inside the near side sliding door. My van does have the mounting points and threads, but as it was a panel van, no handle. Cheers Duncan
  8. Interior
    Having struggled to do this yesterday, this might be of help to someone else. 1. Remove the grab handle from the A pillar on the passenger side. The cover of the handle comes off if you pries it with a flat blade screw driver. There are 2 hex bolts to unscrew. 2. Remove the dashboard...
1-8 of 8 Results