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    Team Green
  2. Welcome to The VW T4 Forums
    Campers! Joined last year Just started using the forum more recently! Here’s my wagon. Lewis 👋🏼
  3. Team Green
    Hi there fairly new to the forum signed up during lockdown last year, Purchased this in June 2020 2.5tdi Surf Day van Java Green Lewis 👋🏼
  4. LWB Garage (All Versions)
    I bought a T5 from 2008 2.5 TDI AUT with a lot of damage. Goal is to restore and upgrade with a lot of multi media and double cabine. begin
  5. Team Green
    Hey just got myself a 3.2V6 in green. Parked next to a 2.5i T3. Soon to be lowered and possibly facelifted if I can find a donor.....
  6. New T5 Members Forum
    Just bought a 2008 3.2V6 Caravelle. Beautiful to drive. H&R coilover springs on way. Put some 19s on there. More mods on the way :)
  7. Team Green
    Got my caravelle at last green all the way :ILU
  8. SWB Garage (All Versions)
    Evening all....having just sent my logbook off to the DVLA to have the van reclassified, I thought a post with an update on how the van is currently looking is well overdue! Just to rejog your memories, I picked Ruby (1997 2.4 SWB 200k) up about 12 months ago and this is what it looked like...
  9. Welcome to The VW T4 Forums
    Hey guys, total noob here I know. I am trying to see if there is anything wrong with my slave cylinder. I have removed it today. But my question is. Should the green rubber be external or internal inside the cylinder? It's from a vw t4 1996 (2litre petrol I think) Looking online there are...
  10. Vans For Sale
    SOLD...1998 T4 Caravelle 2.5tdi for sale This Caravelle is now sold - Thanks for all the interest. As we are moving to the darkside, i am told both the T4's have to go She is an Ontario Green Caravelle (8 seat) twin slider first registered December 1998. 123700 miles 2.5tdi (102) Auto (I had...
  11. Wanted
    Hi i'm after a central locking motor for my 2000 t4, it is the green coloured one not the black one...i have the black older version as a spare in my collection of stuff but it has different connectors...anyone got one or just the electric motor from the inside so i can rebuild it..cheers
  12. Team Green
    hi some pics of our k plate t4
  13. T Spotting
    Saw someone parking/pulling out of the track up to the monument on the A4 through Cherhill today, anyone claiming the nice van with sweet rims? hope the chalky potholes didn't do too much damage!
  14. Team Green
    My first VW bus Rasp:
  15. T Spotting
    Spotted a tasty Bright Green with Black roof T4 tonight on the A449. It was heading South & I gave a wave, got one back.
  16. Team Green
    Hi there, We are totally new to campervans and bought this about a month ago. Hope you like it - we do!
  17. Team Green
    :)team green here we come
  18. The Workshop
    Hi, i thought it was about time i started a build thread for my van. I bought it a month or 2 ago for £1000. Its a 1992 SWB twin slider. Early in its life it was converted by a company called Advanced, into a minibus. At 18 years old im all im left with are damaged fiberglass bumpers (which i...
  19. General T5 Chat
    Looked at black, blue and silver - ended up buying a showroom Fresco Green California. The colour has grown on me...what do you reckon? I have posted a few pics on my site: www.focalpix.co.uk/login password= kamper
1-19 of 20 Results