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  1. Interior
    I'm interested in getting my hands on a decent dog guard to go behind the rear seat in our T4 Caravelle SWB. My wife works for Doodle Trust (formerly Labradoodle Trust) and often transports dogs of varying sizes up and down the country in our daily driver T4. This means the seats get ditched...
  2. Life Style
    For sale is my mont blanc tubular dog guard with extension that I had in my T4. Have now sold the T4 and have a T5 with a different setup so dont need this any more. Only used in the van about 5 times before selling the van!!! Due to size of the item I dont really want to post so its either...
  3. Parts For Sale
    Pair of brand new (still in box) plastic protectors for headlights - for T4 long nose vans or caravelles 1996-2003. These are OEM VW clip-ons with no drilling required and are theft proof as the fixing is secure once the bonnet is shut. Great for protecting your headlight glass and securing...
1-3 of 3 Results