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  1. T4 auto gear shift knob or handle replacement

    Does any one know where I can source the rubber covered 'knob' or handle that you use to select the gears on an auto t4 (1996 Vanagon/Caravelle). The rubber has split and my lovely 3 year old son has kindly picked at it... currently it is held together with a ncie piece of cling film! Its like...
  2. How to replace exterior handle drivers door ?

    New to forum. Trying to replace the drivers exterior door handle. The lock barrel has been missing for a long time. Visited local vw specialists, who suggested cheaper to buy a replacement handle than to order a new barrel from vw. New handle arrived today. Have removed the old handle, not sure...
  3. barn door handle

    hi guys, had some work done to van and need to adjust the outer handle on the left barn door. when you try to open the door from outside you really have to press handle as far as possible to get lock on top edge of door to release. how do i adjust it to respond sooner, if that makes sense. which...
  4. T5 Sliding Door Handle - London

    Bodywork & Exterior / Detailing & Valeting
    Hi, I've recently bought a T5 and started on a conversion. The guy I bought it from said that it had been broken into via the sliding door handle and as a result he'd had the handle removed and covered over. The van now has no handle on the sliding door. My options are either to attempt to...
  5. Wanted t4 caravelle interior drivers door release handle blue and chrome

    Hi all I'm after the inside door release mechanism, in blue plastic with a chrome handle ! Also after an ashtray and the trim pieces that are in the cubby holes in the dash ! Thanks
  6. Sliding door handle does not open from outside!

    New T5 Members Forum
    Hi there, my sliding door will not open from the outside, but does open from the inside. It locks and unlocks fine via remote button. ANy suggestions on how to fix? Is it a matter of replacing the whole locking unit, or something more simple? This is what I was looking at buying to replace it...
  7. FASP Swivel Base and "Little Handle" on Passenger Seat

    I have recently fitted a FASP swivel base to my passenger seat, and there is a little handle that is getting in the way. Has anyone else had this problem? Surely this is some sort of design flaw.
  8. Jammed Door Handle

    Bodywork & Exterior / Detailing & Valeting
    Hi guys, My T5.1 driver's side door handle has just jammed shut. The door will open normally from the inside and the lock still works using the key or the central locking. When I try to open it from the outside, the handle moves only a couple of mm. Anyone had this before or any bright...
  9. 2001 T4 Nearside Sliding Door Exterior Handle

    Does anybody have a nearside sliding door exterior handle that will fit a 2001 VW T4?
  10. Sliding door handle

    Bodywork & Exterior / Detailing & Valeting
    Guys I have an issue, the handle from my sliding door came off in my hand over the weekend after it became hard to open. Now it's off the door I can not get it to stay back on, I can't see how it ever fixed to the door. The fake lock bit won't stay in unless its broken. Does anyone have any idea...
  11. Barn door interior handle wiring

    Can anybody please take a picture of how the interior barn door handle (the one that let's u open it from the inside) is connected to the lock/ where the wires for it go? As I have just bought one and am unsure where to connect it to. (Also if anyone has a spare surround I'd really like to buy...
  12. Barn door/ tailgate interior handle surround

    I'm after the interior barn door/ tailgate handle surround.(I'd buy the handle as well but really just need the plastic surround for it as bought one off fleabay but there is no surround for it :-( :-( :-( If anybody has one please let me know. Thx D
  13. Wanted interior barn door handle and surround

    I always wondered why my left interior barn door had a square hole through the plywood/ carpeting. I thought it was just a handy feature to hide your girlfriends shoes / socks when she wasn't looking? Now however I have discovered that it is in fact a hole where a handle goes so said...
  14. Rear Door Pull Handle

    Hi guys, I've trawled the web looking for a new strap to be fitted to the back door on my '95 T4. My kids can't reach the door when it's in the open / up right position (not a barn door). Does anyone know where I can get a replacement?
  15. Interior grab handle for T5 van

    VAG Parts For Sale
    I have a light grey interior grab handle for any T5 van. It measures 14.5cm between the centres of the screws for fixing it onto your van. £9 posted anywhere in the UK. PM me for a picture. Thank You Alex Red5
  16. Anybody interested?

    Parts For Sale
    Exhaust to fit 2.5 tdi - T4, it has a Stainless "Power Flow" box. It does need slight attention to the pipe from the cat(see photo), but you might want to remove the cat anyway, apart from that complete exhaust. Spare Handle Rear springs Wheel chair ramp with bindings and fittings...
  17. Exhaust and Handle - T4

    Parts For Sale
    Exhaust to fit 2.5 tdi - T4, it has a Stainless "Power Flow" box. It does need slight attention to the pipe from the cat(see photo), but you might want to remove the cat anyway :ILU:, apart from that complete exhaust. Give us a shout if intrested. Collect from Southampton £30 Spare...
  18. Tailgate inside handle?

    I've been thinking of an emergency escape option out the back of our camper, like I put in the T3 we had before, which was just a cord poking neatly thro the card that could be yanked and popped the tailgate open. I know that some T4s, presumably Caravelles, have an inside door-release handle...