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  1. Alpine 2-DIN stereo - CDE W235BT

    No longer for sale
  2. Parrot 3200 ls handsfree kit

    Hi I have a PARROT 3200 LS HANDSFREE KIT it is the one with the larger colour screen. It is complete and fully working. like this one only all black. http://www.amazon.co.uk/Parrot-CK3200-BlueTooth-Car-Kit/dp/B000EPQ4C4 works brilliant and a doddle to fit, takes about 15 mins in a T4...
  3. New toy!

    General Van Chat
    Hi folks. Just spent 3 hours fitting a parrot kit to the van. No more missed calls. T: Crappy phone pic of the screen: Well pleased. Now I got to figure out how to use it....